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Minecraft Seeds – Epic Loot Seed For Minecraft 1.8 in 2014. 9 Diamonds at Spawn, 2 Villages at Spawn & 2 Temples at Spawn. Best Minecraft Seeds. Leave a “LIKE” Rating and “Comment” Below, thanks! 😀

SEED: 939276771201220157

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► Seed Co-ordinates:

1st NPC Village at Spawn
x: 157 y: 63 z: -372

2nd NPC Village at Spawn With Blacksmith
x: 208 y: 65 z: -15

1st Desert Temple at Spawn
x: 283 y: 64 z: -161

2nd Desert Temple at Spawn with 9 Diamonds and 2 Emeralds
x: 288 y: 72 z: 170

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29 Replies to “★ Minecraft 1.8.1 Seeds: EPIC LOOT SEED! 9 Diamonds, 2 Temples, 2 Villages AT SPAWN (Minecraft 1.8)”

  1. Hey Antony I have been watching your videos for a while and I want to say… You are an amazing youtuber, so happy and light hearted and you really inspire me to make my youtube channel as good as yours! Thanks so much, Fonix

  2. thx so much! awesome seed! I'm so happy! 😀 I had found an awesome seed before, it had a desert village near the spawn with a blacksmith with cool stuff (mostly iron) and next to it was a desert temple (kind of like this seed) with emeralds in every chest! but wait! in a cave right next to the village was an abandoned mineshaft! I was so happy! but when I left the game it derped out and didn't save! i've been trying so hard to get another good seed, but It just didn't work so I gave up and Googled good seeds yours came up and now im so happy! thx again!

  3. Lol i saw that someone just saw the most diamonds they've ever seen in Mc and right now in MCPE i have like 104 diamonds and a lot of iron

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