45 Replies to “15 Minutes of I Am Setsuna Gameplay – Boss Fight”

  1. So there's no English voice cast? Saw this game on Steam today on sale… doesn't look like it has English Voice cast from the other videos I've seen. Sad. 🙁

  2. Looks awesome, definitely a first purchase when i get a PS4. I also love how dead characters still get exp after a fight.

  3. Seems like a bad soulless parody of something that was better left in the past. Chrono Trigger was a masterpiece, but we gotta stop trying to remake those games because they are never anything special and don't bring anything new to the table.

  4. I hate to critique it already, but I'm not big on the soundtrack or sound effects right now. Everything else seems fine and that's also a personal opinion, but everything in the audio department has no force to it.

  5. It's honestly hard to take JRPGs seriously at times, when the stakes are supposedly high and the overly dramatic music plays but all you're fighting is three cute little penguins.

  6. So it has the illusion of old jrpg turn based combat. It will get mighty annoying every time you get attacked with the menu up, let alone dying.

  7. I'm so excited I'm getting my Japanese copy in 4 days and I cannot wait to dowload the psn dlc on playstation store JULY 19TH 2016. I'M SO EXCITED !!!!

  8. Now we know why Square was so eager to shut down any fan-made attempts at trying to make a Chrono Trigger in 3D. They wold lose money on this one, lmao.

  9. Man it's going to be hard not being a smart ass to Aeterna and even harder to resist the urge to play Chrono Trigger music over this game. I will listen to it, but god damn I will be playing the battle and boss theme from Chrono Trigger in my head

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