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⚠ This version does not work on any device running Android higher or equals to 7.0.

⚠ Some glitchs or random cause 2.2 didn’t work. Currently only 2.0 version is compatible with VMOS. Other version will get crashes/errors.

⚠VMOS is removed out of Play Store. This mean you can only install it manually:


GL4ES does not fully support OpenGL 2.0 so Minecraft keep the warning in main screen.

Special thanks to:
Zhuowei Zhang for some Boardwalk code.
pTitSeb and lunixbochs for gl4es.
And more…


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24 Replies to “(2.2 UPDATE) Minecraft Java Launcher for Android with partially OpenGL 2.0 support”

  1. Every version crashes apart from the first rd s
    Can you help? Android 9 Galaxy A7 2019, 2gb ram free when i play.

  2. Khanh Duy Tran, My friend, when I installed a minecraft 1.7.10, and then dps when it was all installed in minecraft, and then dps when opening a minecraft game, only that gave a java error, or any version tbm, what I do to solve that???
    More msm so my version of android is 7.0 ????

  3. Sorry, for me it just crashes after inserting the login information, I'm on a xiaomi mi a2 lite, running on Android 9, there's any way to get logs, and a way to report them?

  4. I used to be able to ply the old version but this one gives me an error message saying "Unable to convert library com.mojang.authlib:1.5.21" or it just takes me to the main menu

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