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Test driving the new BMW X5 40i in the day and night, with a stop off at the Priory Hotel & Spa in between, Howard Ritchie discovers how a personal lease on an X5 can be cheaper than BMW Finance and PCP, checks out the new BMW Assistant, The Sky Lounge, Rear Wheel Steering, and Air Suspension of the powerful X40i and finds out if the new BMW X5 is worth getting over the older one such as the F15 X5.

First glance reference PCP v Leasing:
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Exec producer: Chris Evans (
Produced: Howard Ritchie
AP: Paul Nichols
Location: Nutfield Priory Hotel and Spa


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  1. I liked making a commercial with the older model. But I'm sold on doing the next gen…

  2. My 3.0d X-line in Arctic Grey with Ivory interior and a host of extras arrives 10 7 19. Can't wait!

    Enjoyed this presentation too….

  3. Could you please take the pics and videos from the normal average human height?
    We are not midgets.
    I rarely look cars by lying in the road…

  4. Am afraid I have to disagree with that sentence you should forgive them
    For the money you get charge they should be close to perfection
    as their customer services and how they deal with the warranty it’s very poor and big let down!

  5. X5 is real boss,the best or nothing is way behind,and also we can say for 5 series and e class and 7 and s class,7 is better in every way.

  6. iDrive is one of THE WORST rated systems in its class and the only thing this has that others (in class) do not are starry-night lights in the ceiling, which they only have because they own Rolls Royce.

  7. It's a fabulous car,,,, but still not as good looking as the e53. In fact none are. And that's nearly a 20yrs old design.

  8. That grille is oversized and hideous. Considering its a large suv it hasn't got much interior space. So its expensive, massively ugly and not much space. It's pretty much an overpriced turd best getting a 5 series estate instead.

  9. Well, that was a hell of a review😁…did watch your review of BMW 5 series g30 several years ago and after that I bought it now you make me seriously concerned about my liquidity cause I want to buy X5🤔…I think I am not the only one…well done

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