34 Replies to “2019 John Deere X350 Riding Lawn Tractor Mower Review and Walkaround”

  1. Great informative video. Buying mine on Black Friday, unfortunately I am not in your area otherwise I would buy from you!

  2. I had to replaced my spindle and found that the barrings were sealed. So the grease I had been squeezing into the tip, never got into the barrings. It's a hollow cavity.

  3. You have to HOLD the reverse button? You sure once your going in reverse you can release it? That's how mine is set up anyway.

  4. John Deere design is 9/10, very good. Quality of manufacture is 6/10. If they could increase their quality control to design levels, you would have a great piece of equipment.

  5. You’re the second very nicely done video explaining the usage of the X350 except for “must hold button down then you can mow in reverse”? You do not say to push button down and release and then you can keep mowing in reverse. Huge difference. Someone who does not know better will think you have to hold it down the whole time while in reverse mowing. They would figure it out quickly while using it but it might be something to keep them from purchasing this particular mower.
    Excellent tutorial besides that. I love mine.

  6. I have heard that the k56 (and k57) transaxle is not reliable and has issues. Any input on this topic? I am trying to determine if it is worth paying the extra money for the 380 since it has the K58.

  7. I bought an X350 in August 2017. The seat cracked within a month…warranted it and that one cracked within a year. John Deere really needs to consider better quality vinyl seating.

  8. Taking the deck off is a piece of cake without a ramp or lift….. putting it back on gets me frustrated something fierce lol

  9. Around the 4:15 mark, you mentioned that there is no break in period. We just purchased a x380 from an official John Deere dealer and they mentioned we need to observe this break in period. Are they running off of outdated informational standards?

  10. I have the LT155. Your explanation of the John Deere numbers doesn't match up. I am thinking about buying the X350. You show a lever you can pull to get the mower to move when it quits. I hate to say it, but why did it take so long for someone to figure that out. My LT155 has left me stuck! and it is hella heavy! Otherwise, it has been been great, starts and runs every year. Flat tire every spring. Maybe I stick with it. Nice features on the 350, for sure! Basically, I feel like all I would gain is a fuel gauge, and the ability to move it when it dies. Oh, and a place for my drink and phone, which is not to be underestimated.

  11. I'm debating between the X330 48", and the X350 42". Virtually the same price and horsepower. I don't think I really need a wider deck. I do plan to add a snowblower. Thoughts?

  12. Note: that oil filter is a pain to take off if it's the factory filter. (Once it's replaced its much easier.)
    Starting the mowerdeck: I put it at the bottom of the green zone, otherwise it might stall. (Atleast it feels like that).
    The cruise control is genuinly a handy feature to have.
    Btw: mine is a 2017 with the 42" Edge Mulch deck.
    Can confirm I am able to mow about 3/4 hours with one fuel tank.
    The washout ports DO work, but it does not get everything completely brand new clean, so to speak.

  13. Disabled Vietnam Vet (4 years US Air Force Jet Mechanic Crew Chief, T33, F102, T39 7-passenger). Left side stroke. How do I hold choke, turn key same time? Edit: John Deere L140 1600 hrs, D170 700 hrs, D160 425 hrs, today blown transmission on D160 48", if trans repair comes close to $2k I'm upgrading to X350 48. Ford New Holland for field work. Hummer H2 for everything else, wife Tesla.

  14. Thank you for the awesome video! Very informative and an excellent review. Wish you were in my part of the world so I could meet you all in person. Convinced me to buy this model over the E series.

  15. Brent you could sell ice to an Eskimo. You make me want to go out and buy this mower. Great job and keep the videos coming. Maybe do a X580 or X7 series mower next.

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