26 Replies to “Serena Williams vs. Naomi Osaka | 2019 Rogers Cup Quarterfinal | WTA Highlights”

  1. After watching Osaka vs Andreescu I can tell Osaka wasn’t even given her half potential. Serena didn’t have to do that much. Osaka vs Williams in Australia 2020 now that’s a match I’d like to see.

  2. so please beware drama queen ever bianca andreescu beware of serena williams next time …shes a counting now 2.0 …be ready when you face again soon drama queen ever

  3. Naomi probably still isn’t focused around her after that last negative encounter.. She will grow to not give AF as she gets older❤️

  4. HONORABLE SERENA WILLIAMS power strokes , that return on the heels of Miss Osaka determined the game instantly. " Come On" your vocal slogan shattered my brains, keep the fire blazing. Love You My Tennis Queen.

  5. 24…….ha …….I’m looking to 30 ……Serena is 37 and looks like 30 , she can easily play till 43 …..so winning one GS a yr is do able.
    I’ll like her to put that record so far out of reach so it can testify and honor her legacy.

  6. wta has been so confusing for years now ..

    if serena is not on it , its funny to see how the come and go number ones like safina jankovic wozniacki azarenka kerber etc.
    win a few slams become number one and then lose to just about anyone

  7. What kind of freakery is Osaka up to at 3:43 – what is she doing down on her hunkers? Very weird behaviour.

  8. Man … Serena only puts her hair in a bun during the match when she's pissed off. But when I saw her come out with the bum already up, I knew it was a wrap ! Lmao I think Naomi Osaka is gonna be another Sharapova for Serena. Sharapova beat Serena twice (like Naomi did) and Sharapova NEVER beat her again. I think Serena is now 20-2 against her. Lol

  9. Osaka Serena CoCo and Helen will bring it these tennis players R the best and just think Serena trained and made these young players whom they R. We all have to learn from someone. DPitts. Hang in there girls and have fun. DP

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