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We saw John Wick 3.. was it gud?…

Sadly no… But we’ll tell you why.



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41 Replies to “The Laymen Review John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum”

  1. I haven't seen any of these movies and thank God for that, for I knew it'll be another generic action video game translated into a movie.

  2. You just got subscribed.
    This movie was just booooring, no real stakes or consequences, an endless parade of tiresome and repetitive action scenes.
    Mindless violence, horrible characters, pure trash.
    Yes, I liked the first one, they should have ended it there.

  3. Beware of any one talking about a John Wick movie like its the best movie ever. It takes a special kind of idiot to watch this and not notice all the glaring flaws and stupid plot. these are kids .the cgi was so terrible. that cgi horse and the fall at the end was done with a Gameboy camera

  4. Never saw such a fucking bad movie. The director fucked the third movie, entirely. Really? I can't fucking believe. I'm a fan of 1 and 2 and a martial artist and cop… this movie is a fucking disaster. Those action scenes? Man, who were those Capoeira China fucking dancers? The only thing good in this movie: actors from 1 and 2, including Keanu, of course. Next time, Hollywood, please make the damn right thing: don't mess at the victorious team. Nobody want to see those idiot scenes with non-active actor who waits the damn hit or shot (wait to be killed). Stop fucking good movie sequences. Wth. Money that I won't take back…

  5. you don't understand how it has a 98% and you rate it a 7 out of 10? dude, a 7 out of 10 means your opinion falls in line with the other 98% of reviewers. that 7 out of 10 rating is essentially what the other critics on the site gave it… see "Average Rating: 7.48/10."

    pink sweater dude is just as complicit for not correcting something that people way too often get wrong.

    i don't understand how 2 people who have spent the time making a channel with over 30 million views, don't understand how rottentomatoes works.

  6. I'm sorry man but this is the problem with people who can't watch an action movie and enjoy it for that… I saw 1 and 2 and 3 ultimately explains more than both in terms of the mystery but they still keep you in the dark and ends with a great set up to the next one.

  7. I agree. I didn't like this. All flair and no substance.

    Also didn't do the story any services. Not interested in the 4th movie.

  8. It's not that there's too much action. The fight scenes just drag for way too long. Personally I felt that the fight sequences felt superficial compared to it's predecessors.

  9. I didn't watch this movie but watched the first one with my family. We sat there for 90 minutes holding our hands over our eyes laughing about how absolutely terrible the movie was. The thing that baffled me the most is how this can be such a hit when it's so bad, and when I mean bad I mean really really bad. I get that many people watch the movie because of Keanu Reeves, but can people really be so blind/stupid to like this movie? Yes I get there's a lot of kids and gamers watching this, but how can a serious person with some amount of intelligence not laugh at this movie or atleast see that it's just plain garbage?

  10. As a guy who enjoys action filled flicks like Raid, Ip man and Ong Back, and a hardcore fan of the first two John Wick movies, I 100% agree with what you said. This movie has super-long, dragging action scenes and the whole time, I was like, "Come on guys, stop this madness and continue with the plot".

  11. I just watched it last night for the first time and i've gotta say, the biggest problem with this film is the fact that they focused far too much on setting up SO many potential movies for the future and less on a story or character development, because they could clearly see just how many people are willing to ignore that portion of this franchise for a single movie. But what if people start to not care about story, characters, etc in another movie? Does that mean they'll just be making movie after movie that get worse and worse from here? Back in Jan 2018, the Director confirmed that Ruby Rose and Common were going to be coming back for Chapter 3. Fast forward to today, Ruby Rose has once again been confirmed for Chapter 4 (the main villian)… however, Common has said that he won't be coming back in this one (implying there's gonna be a Chapter 5). Let's not forget the backstory reveal of John Wick doing something hectic for Halle Berry's character once upon a time… meaning, there's room right there for another movie all on it's own – a buddy team-up type movie, i assume. Then there's John's origins story they teased… there's another movie right there. Like, people need to start paying more attention to things that actually matter in a film as a whole.

  12. The first 2 John Wick movies were great,the third one not so much …The adjudicator was annoying,zero was a corny villain there was too much action not enough story & in my opinion there were some bad casting choices & wtf was the purpose of John sacrificing a finger in a deal he made in the desert with the leader of the High Table only for him to later back out of it…I agree with these guys John Wick 3 Parabellum deserves a 7 …after all of the buildup in the second film i walked out of the theater disappointed in the third installment.

  13. I completely agree with pretty much all the points you guys mentioned. The shaved head lady was sooo annoying. I desperately wanted John to kill her. Also looking for the 'Elder' in a desert was way out there in terms of believability and that's a shame because the world building in 1 and 2 were so good. However I don't personally believe Winston flat out betrayed John. Winston was point blank at John but never shot him in the head. The continental concierge said "Good thinking sir", meaning what I believe to be him secretly saying "Good job getting John Wick to safety." When the shaved head lady tells Winston that John is missing from the road he doesn't seem very surprised. My theory is John may think Winston betrayed him but if he confronts Winston in 4, Winston will tell him he did it so he could get away so John could help him take down the high table. There is even a whole subreddit talking about this that you guys should check out.

  14. You guys are acting like John Wick 3 will be poorly remembered like it doesn't have an 87% user rating right now. C'mon, brah.

  15. Such a boring movie. The first movie was amazing because it felt more realistic than usual. Now he is an untouchable martial arts super hero in the Assassins Creed universe… And that is just boring. There is nothing really at stake here.

  16. You don't mention the real problem with John Wick 3, and is an extended problem to the majority of mainstream movies today. You CANNOT create a movie by chaining a bunch of cool scenes and then trying to add coherence between them. And sadly that's how John Wick 3 was made. In fact, you can watch this on an interview to Reeves, were he said something like "I told the director, imagine John Wick walking on a dune in the desert" <— This is plain retarded way to build a story. It's actually the other way around, you try to create a more or less complex story and THEN you can try to fit this cool scenes on It, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!!

  17. John Wick 3 at the beginning was really good because its tone was more in line with the first 2 films. But after those initial scenes it just became too stupid and silly

  18. Need to be honest, I was intentionally looking for a negative review on this movie and was surprised that the majority of people actually did like this. I agree with this review 100 %

  19. 100% agree with every point made, I think all these positive reviews were paid for, weakest of the trilogy by far. if they skipped this movie alltogether and made john wick 4 no one would know. The plot goes full circle in a completely redundant way

  20. Big lol at the dislikes. It seems like the Thought Police has detected an unpopular opinion, get ready for your trip to our all-inclusive concentration camp.

  21. In terms of an action flick, it was alright. In terms of being a sequel to John Wick 1 & 2, it definitely failed to deliver. I agree, Act 1 was perfectly good. Once he started going around for favors and getting redemption from the one above all, it lost its defining character, coherency, and pacing.

    John going back and forth on whether to kill Winston or not was so half-hearted that it was meaningless. The arbiter's meaningless conclusion to suddenly grant Winston the continental back because he was "Showing Strength." Winston shooting John…honestly I assume the bullets were blanks/rubber bullets, otherwise, he'd have had holes in him, been bleeding, and been clearly dead. Either way, the scene was cliche, which might have been alright had it just been setup with any meaning. If they end up trying to fool the audience with this in the sequel…it'll just make it worse…"Oh yeah, this was the plan all along, John and I had been planning this from the start"

    Also, the choreography was just kind of bad overall. By that, I mean there were so many moments where the bad guys were just standing around behaving like human props, waiting for the protagonist to do something to them. To be fair, the previous movies did that to a certain extent, but it was so much more noticeable this time around. The giant guy in the beginning, waiting to be smacked around by a book. The part where there were only two guys on the motorcycles moving all the way into arms reach…doing nothing and waiting for him to kill them. All of Halle Berry's enemies waiting to be shot or have their nuts chewed off. The fully armored guys at the end just standing around while he just keeps shooting and beating them up. The bad guys were only really firing when the protagonists went to reload or hide behind something, otherwise they were literally extras told to fall over dead when someone made a bang sound.

    Overall, not really satisfying as a John Wick title. I didn't hate it per say, but maybe the bar was set too high this time around.

  22. i literally thought John was playing the guy in the desert to save Winston because it was so out of character for him to say some made up garbage like he wanted to live in order to keep his wives memory… the whole thing was just so disappointing. The action was boring and drawn out. What a sad entry to a series I really loved until now.

  23. This review is 100% true, plus you forgot unrealistic and dialogue not making any sense, incoherent ramblings, constant subject change, overkill action, no story telling, shot 10times, falls 40feet and survives? I'm all for action and a bit of fantasy but this movie was absolute trash they should of stayed with just 2. 3 ruined John wick. Feminist movie.

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