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Japanese 7-11 food is amazing for it’s variety, quality and overall deliciousness. With so much to choose from we had a hard time narrowing it down to just 10 but we did it. Here are our picks for the 10 must try food items from 7-11 Japan.
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23 Replies to “10 Must-Try 7-Eleven Food in Japan”

  1. しんいちさんのネイティヴよりの発音なのに綺麗ですごく聞き取りやすい。

  2. My girlfriend brought me to Japan for the first time this summer for my birthday. One of the thing that I loved the most was the amazing quality of the food, drinks and desserts there for such a reasonable price. Our favorite has to be the small oden box, which comes with very soft and moist dark meat chicken, half of an egg, and some juicy, fresh, and crunchy turnips. For 200ish yen, I could eat that along with a bowl of rice every single day for lunch. If only the 711 here in NYC was as good and as reasonable as the ones in Japan, I would have no trouble deciding what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day.

  3. man, I don't like spring rolls because the "Chinese" take-out places ruin them for me, but that one you guys ate sounded soooooo good and sakutto!

  4. I've been chain watching your videos because I'm heading back to Japan next April and all I can say is.. I am prepared to gain 10kg

  5. I inhaled convenience store sandwiches when I visited Japan both 7-11's and Larson's and America has nothing on Japan's packaged sandwiches.

  6. Seeing you two eat with such pasion makes me want to eat,i want to try japanese food, people say it's awesome and delicious.i have tried an korean dish called bibimbap it's delicious but spicy. I really enjoy your chanel of tabieats so hopefully you keep on shareing japanese food and leting people know about Japan. Have a good night sleep Shinichi and Satoshi untill next time bye bye.

  7. I just visited Tokyo and I completely fell in love with 7 Eleven its 10x better than the US version. I went there everyday on my week visit. The food is restaurant quality and so cheap! They have Peach Ginger Ale which I'm so upset I didn't get to bring any back home to LA, don't get me started on the Onigiri Rice Ball I had most of the flavors EVERYDAY! Your right about the sauce its amazing; my mouth is starting to water thinking about it.

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