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Pinoy online shoppers beware! #Lazadaph’s new #DirectReturnToMerchant or DRTM #policy will surely be a hassle in case you get defective items for return. Lazada is giving the merchant/seller the power to decide if they accept your returns or not. I never received an email from Lazada regarding the change of policy. The seller will then have 5 days to make the decision to accept the returned items. Legit sellers, no problem. Shady sellers will now celebrate. Us buyers will suffer. It’s not effortless shopping anymore. Buyers won’t be able to return the defective items immediately, its not reassuring like my previous 6 years experience shopping at Lazada. What do you think of this?

I placed my order June 18, expected date was June 26, but it arrived, June 28. I checked the item June 29 and processed the return on the same date.
Skip to my main issue: 7:30
Lazada product comment/rating system is not functional: 28:58
Seller Lazada profile:
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8 Replies to “A Problem with Lazada – Direct Return To Merchant (DRTM) Policy-A Horrible Company Decision (Part 1)”

  1. DRTM policy was so disappointing, a seller control of delaying your refund, it takes a lot of process and waiting , i have experience returning the product, but still on going i have to share this for others
    1. process return to lazada website
    2. waiting for the approval from the seller to accept return it takes hour or 3days
    3. when its done you need to print return slip sent in your email
    4. return the item to lbc together with the return slip
    5. wait until the item recieve by seller it take 2 days for me and it depends on place maybe a week for out of country
    6. the item return was recieve by seller, the problem is no response till now on my refund.

    till now im waiting for the refund ill update when its done

    to tell you guys lazada are not safe to buy you can not determine even legit seller or non legit seller there is no assurance from lazada if the item you pick are authentic or wrong item etc.

    my case is i order 4 different item, but i recieve 4 same items so disapppointing, i return the item immediatly but the process from seller was to long for return approval.

    buyer from lazada are not secure!! think twice on buying reading comment,but still error comes on item

  2. tes i even tried to talk to a manager for the return but they said to contact the seller but the seller does not reply how come they allow such seller to post items when the product is defective $#i+ diba!!!

  3. Frustrating bitaw na nga policy brad, mao na ako wa nko nag palit kaayu mg hulat nalang ko nga mo obsolete nya baratu na hehehe😬

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