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  1. Hold up, There 250 pounds in the U.K. so when transferred to dollars is 323 dollars so us brits are paying almost 75 more 😡😡😡😡😡

  2. I have this game called Pou(Yes I’m an adult) and the airpods don’t work on this app (but it works on other apps), any idea why?


    I am a bit of a basshead, not gonna lie, but I’m very disappointed with the bass with the airpods pro. They are nowhere even close to the bass of the Powerbeats pro; anyone who says they have the same bass is horribly wrong.

    However, I noticed something with the airpods pro. It’s not that they are not capable of the bass, it’s that the ADAPTIVE EQ is reducing the bass a lot. Here is how I know this…

    If you have the airpods pro you can do a test. The first step is to go into your Bluetooth settings and turn OFF the automatic ear detection.
    Next, play a song with a lot of bass, while the airpods are NOT in your ears. The adaptive eq will recognize something is up, and since it still thinks it’s in your ears, it will pump up the bass as it thinks it should to “balance things out” give it about 5 seconds to really pump up the bass, (airpods not in your ears still) and then as a big bass drop comes in, slide them in your ears QUICKLY! What you will hear is hopefully the same thing I noticed, and that is a lot of bass for a quick second; before the adaptive eq turns it down a split second later.
    But it is enough time to tell that the airpods pro are capable of a lot of bass, it’s just the adaptive eq that tones it waaaay way down.

    In my opinion, Apple should let us control the eq with an app, since we know it has the adaptive eq. If some people want more bass, we should be able to get it considering the price we are paying, and the eq feature the airpods ALREADY HAVE! Just do an update or give us an app to control the eq Apple PLEASE! If they do that I will have no complaints with the Airpods pro. As of now I’m thinking of returning them because they don’t give enough bass.

    Please try this out for yourselves if you have the Airpods Pro and see if you guys notice it too!

  4. Hi, I’m an artist I mix and master and test on earphones cause I got to know what it sounds like to the listeners. I FIND THE AIRPOD PROS AMAZING they actually really make the songs sound like what they were initially intended to. Aka they pro as fuck (this time)

  5. I just bit the bullet and brought my self a pair of the Airpods second generation and I am fairly impressed with the airpods so far i would consider picking up the Airpod Pros based on my experience with the Airpods, I did foot the bill for the wireless charging case pair so I could have picked up the PROs for around $30.00 more on the aussie market tho.

  6. so do you think the noise cancellation would be good enough to use in school like if your walking in the halls and lots of people are talking and things like that ?

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