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Today’s theory/predictions video is about chapter 114! What’s coming up next for our heroes? I got you covered.

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28 Replies to “Attack on Titan Chapter 114 Predictions!! Shingeki no Kyojin AoT Theory”

  1. Maybe that last panel is baby Eren being held be grisha after he has a vision of erens future and decides not to put him through all that.

  2. I liked how you mention Levi needing some rest. Erwin and him discussed that and it was one of the reasons Levi convinces Erwin on leading the charge against Beast Titan. Levi looks awfully tired especially after just killing more comrades. I always liked the idea that humanity’s greatest soldier would probably be taken out by humanity themselves.

  3. I think Falco is going become the next Beast Titan… he is near the location where Zeke is going to be and then he is going to become a mindless titan because of his scream and while Levi will be trying to convince Historia to eat Zeke, Falco is going to do it first.

  4. Release the goddamn Titans. How else will you defeat the military prowess of the entire world ?
    Oh and I am happy to find someone who likes Zeke too

  5. I've concluded that unless Levi slits Zeke's throat or cuts his tongue, the Beast Titan is still a huge threat. If it's the same Forest where they fought the Female Titan, I doubt that the Yeagerists will get to meet Levi soon as they were last shown in Shiganshina. However, I do get this feeling that Falco is going to inherit Zeke's titan. Hange's fine as is but I hope she gives Levi enough time to feed Zeke to a comrade. I read somewhere that he's headed for Ragako village where Connie's mom is chilling. That'd definitely be the best revenge that the Walldians can give to Zeke; feeding him to the same people that he turned into his own pawns. Connie will surely be happy to meet mom in human form again even though he's not the one that dealt the killing blow to the monster that is Zeke.

  6. I have a question. Before Eren sees the flashback of how he ate his own father, where does he think he father is??? Like we saw that post titan attack the father is there with Eren at the safety shelter with all the other survivors and takes him out at night to inject him with the titan fluid. Does Eren think his dad just vanished or what??? Am I missing something !?!

  7. I think Levi is taking zeke to historia right now. But I have a feeling Eren already covered that and historia might say no or just join Eren.

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