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This character is pretty awesome. He is a spellcaster of sorts, but has some melee options. His AAAA string is his go to for big enemies, or when you want to deal safe damage from afar. His XXXAX string is pretty good when you go into umbran climax, or after witch time is activated. Against mobs, or when he gets himself lodged in between a large enemy XXXA, and 360 A are great damage dealers and combo builders.

This character is really strong against slower, and larger stationary enemies, but he feels weak against mobile enemies with small hitboxes, and has a hard time getting a good combo rating on them


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34 Replies to “Bayonetta 2 – Balder Gameplay”

  1. I hope the third playable character in Bayonetta 3 is a Lumen Sage of some kind. I doubt it would be Balder, but it would still be cool to play as a Sage in the main story

  2. So just to clarify, the character with guns is supposed to get up close and personal, while the character with the sword is supposed to keep his distance?

  3. Balder, father of Cereza and husband to Rosa. A hot and fabulous Lumen Sage that can kick your ass anytime with his shiny high heels.

  4. I'm kind of curious what animation plays for when the other playable characters, like Balder or Rodin, are caught by Resentment's special attack or when Alraune tries to rip their souls out.

  5. Balder: *looks a Bayonetta's costume* Sweetheart, why are you dressed like a furry?
    Bayonetta: I'm not a furry, dad! I'm Fox McCloud!

  6. so wait, his version of witch time (Light speed?…) actually STOPS time in GAMEPLAY? I can't wait to get him (incidentally, does anyone know why he STOPS time rather than slowing it like bayonetta?)

  7. My opinion on the characters:
    Bayonetta: It's Bayonetta. Come on guys!
    Jeanne: The lack of Witch Time really gets to you.
    Rosa: Pretty good.
    Balder: AMAZING!!!!
    Rodin: Strangely, my least favorite.

  8. I so want to unlock them, the trouble is it's a pain in the ass to find anyone on Tag Climax to play with. I'm usually stuck with the AI which can't do shit past difficulty 3. My Nintendo Network ID is Glisp (or is it Glispy?) it's one of the two.

  9. They could make a Balder costume for bayonetta to wear though. Like a costume same as Balder, but designed to look more feminine. I would love that 🙂

  10. Do Balder and Rodin have a combo list anywhere I can see in the game? I've unlocked them, but there's no way I can figure out how to practice with them

  11. I'm surprised that Platinum Games hasn't even thought creating a game with Balder being the protagonist. The gameplay is right there now all they would have to do a story of Balder's return and reunion with his daughter. I hope Platinum Games does it and brings him back to his younger version.

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