34 Replies to “Bayonetta 2 Review”

  1. Bayonetta is one of my all time favs. I'll have to play the second one. but its nice to hear a male game reviewer acknowledge how some of the hyper sexual references come off a little too immature. even if we do love it overall.

  2. I’m so hyped this is coming to switch as I never played it!! Is it worth playing number 1 since it comes with it! Or will it feel really dated and bad in comparison?

  3. LOL! Coming back now that my Bae BAe, the Witch from Hell gets her third game and is part of the Smash family…..The SAAAALLLLLTTTT in the comments! WAHHHHH Why no multeeplahtz! WAHHHHHHHHH It will nooo sellll!!!!!!! WAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Good luck! She's Nintendo now cause it seems Sega let Nintendo rent her out unless something really strange happens!

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