32 Replies to “Cara download kshowonline kshow123 ikshow lewat hp Smartphone”

  1. english tutorial (if the video wasnt clear xd):
    1. download and open UC browser. (tbh he only said to open UC browser but obviously if you don't have it download it first).
    2. search up the website on the browser, in this case it's kshow123.com.
    3. once you're in your desired website, select the video you want to download.
    4. play the video for a bit (it's ambiguous for how long)
    5. finally, find the 'download' icon that you can barely see on the bottom of the screen shown as a white arrow pointing down and click it to download the video.

  2. Kaloo nggak ada tanda tombol unduhnya gimana kak? Soalnya di web drakor yang lain juga udah nggak ada video yang aku pingin download, cuman di web ini aja yang ada. Tapi nggak ada tanda unduhnya kakq.

  3. kak punyaku gak ada tanda utk download itu gimana ya?? padahal au udah pakek uc browser dan ikuti cara kmu. tolong bantu kak

  4. Itu cuman bisa pake uc browser ya? Pake chrome gak bisa soalnya . Trus pas diplay gak bisa di pause gak ada icon pause or download juga trus ada tulisan Fhd sama Nhd . Itu kenapa ya?

  5. Pilih vip2 malah keluar tulisan no playable source found 🙁 pake yg mana dong? Semua gaada tombol download nya,pas di play cmn ada tombol resolusi sm volume 🙁

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