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Chinabrands and aliexpress which one better for Shopee and Lazada Dropshipping?

In this video I am going to analysis for you between chinabrands and aliexpress which one is better for you for your shopee and lazada dropshipping business .

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This video will be great for those that just starting up dropshipping or those that “think” of starting up a dropshipping business .
Lets cut the crap and start learning .

First of all let look at the common things between these 2.
Chinabrands and aliexpress are both China suppliers for dropshipping . Both of these 2 platform are able to supply dropshipping products for Shopee and lazada dropshipper.

The shipping method for both are pretty much the same , as both platform are from China , and their products are from China as well .

What are the different between these 2 platforms?
Aliexpress and chinabrands might look the same , but they are actually very different with how they operate .

Aliexpress is a platform that consist of thousands of different suppliers , manufacturer , wholesaler in it. However , with chinabrands it is very different . Chinabrands actually own all of their products . It means , all products in Chinabrands are actually sell by one supplier only which is Chinabrands . So ,they have a huge ass warehouse to store all their stuff .

Next Lets look at shop integration .
Aliexpress cannot auto sync all the products details , pricing and stock level to shopee and lazada. Aliexpress only able to auto sync with SHopify for what I know of.
Chinabrands on the other hand ,is able to auto sync products from chinabrands to shopee and lazada .It able to auto import all products details from chinabrands to shopee and lazada. Being said so , this auto sync function is only works in Malaysia as far as I know . I get alot of feedback from philipines , thailand and indonesia lazada/shopee sellers that saying , they cannot auto sync products from chinabrands to their store .So , if you are a lazada or shopee seller from Malaysia , you can take advantage of this auto import feature.

Products variable :
Aliexpress has a huge advantage on this . With millions of products selection from aliexpress , you definitely able to find the products that you want to sell on your store.
Due to the fact that chinabrands is the sole owners of their products , thus the variety of products that it has is limited .
So , Aliexpress is definitely a winner in products variety.

Lets look at a example,
It has 80 products listed with the travel bags keyword in Chinabrands . And aliexpress has 49,980 .it has 600 times more items listed in aliexpress . That is the different!

Next Lets look at pricing and stock level .
As a general , pricing in Aliexpress is cheaper that Chinabrands . The reason is very simple , a big portion of the sellers in Aliexpress are manufacturer . So ,they can offer cheap ass price to buyer .
Stock level will be much more higher in aliepxress as a big portion of the sellers in aliexpress are manufacturer .
Lets have a look at an example .
This sleeping bag is selling at 9.76 in chinabrands with 14 stocks balance . Lets look at a similiar sleeping bag in aliexpress .It is selling at 13.16 in aliexpress with 983 pieces left .At a glance you may think that chinabrands will be a better options due to the lower price compare with Aliexpress .

Do not get attracted so fast , this is just one of the suppliers out of thousands of suppliers in ALiexpress . I am sure that you can get a suppliers that is with similiar pricing with Chinabrands.
Seconds , the products level is way too low in CHinabrands . It will be gone by the time you get your first sales in.

So , should I use Chinabrands or Aliexpress for my lazada and Shopee dropshipping ?
If you are a seller from Malaysia , I will suggest you use both . The reason is because the auto sync and products import feature by Chinabrands is really helpful , as it automate most of the things , which include products level tracking . However , due to the limited products variation , I will suggest you to use aliexpress for more products to sell in your shop.


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