17 Replies to “Cleopatra 2017 – Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Rex Harrison”

  1. This is not the movie with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton,! You cannot watch it for free on YouTube you have to pay for it!

  2. The 1963 movie of Cleopatra is way better in my opinion. I found it here https://m.ok.ru/video/365924387470
    It is four hours long though, but very good.

  3. (guest)
    Drat !
    I have never seen the Taylor/Burton version of "Cleopatra",
    and was looking forward to catching up with it…..

  4. Pathetic remake they only wish they could create something is wonderful is Elizabeth Taylor dead they don't have the imagination they don't have the talent a bunch of liberal Hollywood wannabes that just can't measure up so they try to remake and Destroy what's already been great

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