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  1. fyi, if you look at the top right side, there is a
    SKM (Sigaret Kretek Mesin): that means this is made by machine.
    SKT (Sigaret Kretek Tangan): that means this is handmade.
    SPM (Sigaret Putih Mesin): american blend & british blend.

  2. Sampoerna Xtras were in a red and black box and the cig itself was black with a gold band. I need my cloves back. I hate you right now. I need my ciggies.

  3. Not sure if you're still active, but a question. I've smoked Djarum blacks off and on for a long ass time. Before President Obama passed these laws, were we getting a different version of the cigarettes in the states? I remember thinking the smoke really changed around that time. Could have been my imagination. Oh and also I noticed that popping sound when you took your first drag off the smoke! The ones I originally smoked did this, now they don't. I'm pretty sure before this law passed we were getting the good shit in the states.

  4. Yo hit me up on gmail its jackson21090@gmail.com i had thos once and i would very much like to b able to get sum again

  5. Love your video. I would love to know where to buy the original clove cigarettes. The cigars are no different. And obama is a fucking bitch. I wished i could PM you tonhelp me out. Im scared to order from a fake site.

  6. just let yo know, as indonesian, it will more amazing when you're smokin right after you have meal. especially spicy or oily food

  7. Thanks for the info bro I live in puerto rico and all I can find is those cigars crap, I'll do my research to buy the good shit online 😎✌

  8. dude u sounds wasted, probably shouldn't record this after u just drink some beers lol
    btw yea Djarum Black r the best (for me) especially with black coal coffee

  9. after a few inhale my gag reflex just come constantly. thats why i dont smoke clove cigs, and camel black instead. i love clove cigs thou, just my body doesnt accept it 🙁

    smoking white cigs taste like paper 🙁

  10. Thanks for the info dude. I was too lazy to search myself. Enjoying an American Black while watching. I miss the old blacks. Started they were banned just as I started getting into them

  11. I looked this video up because I had some Indonesian Djarums imported to me for the first time today after always smoking the grande variant, and ohmygod the difference saddens me to know what I've been toking on all this time.
    Oh, and that crackle, fuck yeah.

  12. i smoke this djarum black when i was in highschool..

    try "gudang garam international" that's the next level of djarum black..

  13. cool. what kind of taste you like I can suggest you some good cigarettes to try. i am Indonesiaan btw. ahh and try to smoke while drinking black coffee it's taste perfect.

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