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Djarum Black Cigarettes are illegal to purchase & distribute as of 2009. I did a video 9 years ago talking about these amazing cigarettes I’ve always liked! Well you can import them for personal use from Indonesia off of EBAY. I still think they’re absolutely amazing! I rarely smoke cigarettes nowadays, but every once in a while I like having one


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18 Replies to “Djarum Black Cigarettes WTF!!! (2018) Update!!!!”

  1. I used to smoke these. Didn't know they were illegal now. Guess it's been that long. I always felt they were aging me faster than regular cigarettes.

  2. Same here man lol I used to smoke them when I was 19/20… I’m 31 now lol
    Something I just figured out… the Djarum black cigars they sell here are only different due to the cigarillo paper they use… you can remove the wrap and just use any ol cigarette paper and VIOLA! You have yourself an old fashioned

  3. I wanted to try these so bad but EVERY effort INCLUDING EBAY I NEVER EVER received shipment and lost my money every single time …yes EVEN ebay! Since then I actually stopped smoking due to my age anyway …but it stillpisses me off every time I think about being a "FREE" Us citizen and I am not allowed to try flavored cigarettes? UNLESS they are the same flavor as the president smoked at the time that is…how evil is THAT? Seriously though my advice is don't bother trying to order online ….I tried several times and NEVER got the goods …EVER ….and you might think you will ber efunded? Forget it!

  4. I hope you get help …..I and others can see your PC and phones search history … porn ….gay dating sites …. really? Just be the woman you are ….

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