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The DJI Mavic Air and the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum are the current kings of the portable drone market. Which of them is the best for you and your aerial video needs? Well it depends….lets talk about what each one brings to the table!

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49 Replies to “DJI Mavic Air vs DJI Mavic Pro Platinum! Which is the BEST?!”

  1. I know I'm late to this video (and drones in general), but I just wanted to say I love your videos, and amazing content! Keep it going! Oh, and… if anyone's interested in all the "broken ankles" in this video, this is summary of them all in just one post: 2:45 sec mark
    , 3:18 sec mark, and 4:42 sec mark. 🙂

  2. The air has a much better range of color. The auto-everything-focus is nice. Back sensors are great. Flight time is meh. Range is meh. Ultimately I would take the Air over the Platinum, but with enough pennies saved up, definitely get the Pro 2. Air is geared towards vloggers, where the pro will be more suited to a person with the commercial use certification that sells his footage.

  3. I've never owned a drone. This will be my first, I have the option to buy a pro platinum for $100 less than the Mavic Air. I care more about image quality and with that, a need for better transmission signal. But like the compact ability.

  4. Camera comparison was not fair. Video quality with D-Log on platinum is significantly better than what you get on auto mode. I wish Mavic air could record in d-log.

  5. i have a tello right now, and i want to upgrade to air, but i want to know if i change the wifi channel on the mavic air, would get me more extra range ?

  6. The biggest complain i have on my mavic air is the connection. In the nature it works really well but near civilization the picture is laggy on my phone. Not a dealbreaker tho, i have been getting all the shots i wanted. If the air had OcuSync it would be perfect!

  7. Mavic air doesn't have DLog (which is not terrible, because DLog on the pro was never that great) and doesn't have waypoints without buying a 3rd party app like litchi

  8. Hey, I'm currently playing around with your cheap, toy drone (for practice) but I've been crashing it regularly. (I don't know if that's because of the cheap drone or because of myself. It could be either. (or both) anyway, how sturdy is this drone against crashes? I have those 'bumpers' around propellers to protect them from obstacles, but this drone doesn't appear to have that. Part of me is a bit disappointed because it seems 'safer' with those bumpers. I'm definitely leaning towards the mavic air at the moment, but part of me is also suggesting to wait until a possible successor comes out. But that one will likely be (much?) more expensive than the air as of right now.

    Also, what I would like to know, with the handheld controller (not the smartphone) but with the controller, is there some kind of setup preparation? Because I just cannot seem to control my drone with the supplies controller and am forced to do it with the smartphone instead. I find that clumsy and you don't have a feel how much power you're giving and that's also why I think I keep crashing it…

  9. Great review, but still I didn't undestand one thing. You (and many others) said that if I want video or photo quality, I should go to Mavic Platinum, but you also said that Mavic Air has 100 frames per second on video, which store more data and also has a newer image processor.
    So, considerint that. How Mavic Platinum still better recomended for image definition?

  10. as a new user 6 months in now ,jus want to thank you for your videos ,which are very impressive n fun to watch…i enjoy ur videos a lot..i even go back in view them over n over….got ur self a fan

  11. In my opinion the mavic pro plat is better ( for my use ) better rc , better flytime , better range , and the camera in my opinion gives a more " cinematogtaphic " result
    Nice vids by the way ^^

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