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Buy DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo:
Buy DJI Mavic Pro Platinum:
New Quieter Propellers:
The DJI Mavic Pro Platinum is finally shipping! The Fly More Combo comes with many unexpected items. Check out everything that comes in the box including a few items that make it easy to charge multiple batteries at your house, in your car or on the go! More detailed DJI Mavic Pro Platinum reviews and comparisons to follow!

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39 Replies to “DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo Unboxing & Charging Tips”

  1. Just setup my platinum, which is my first drone. Haven’t flown yet (got to do more tutorials etc) but was impressed with the quality of everything in the fm combo, especially the charging transformer. Like RSD said, it’s brilliant that you can charge so many things simultaneously.

  2. G'day! Just wondering if you could answer a question? if I was to use one of these for a long range target camera (for rifle shooting) can you stream the video with the unit landed? I thought I could fly it over to the target, then back. Stream the video while shooting….(about 1.5km)

  3. I need help so I just got my new mavic platinum drone I flew it without calibrating? Checked the compass and it said good? Do I still have to calibrate?

  4. Great video thanks. I bought this combo recently in the UK. It's my very first drone and I love it. The build quality, ease of flying it and the bundled extras included with the fly more combo are outstanding.
    One thing I'm really unhappy about though, is that the chargers it comes with won't charge the DJI Crystalsky monitors. How DJI can sell something that cannot be used without having to buy another charger I really don't know. It's a bit like buying a torch without a bulb being included!

  5. Just received my platinum about three weeks ago and really like it. Do you think that the platinum is still relevant and what happens to my platinum after Dji no longer supports it ?

  6. One important thing I don't hear too much about is phone compatibility. Sucks if you spend all that money and your phone doesn't work with the mavric pro platinum

  7. Another wealthy American dude with plenty of cash and plenty of time to indulge him self with the latest gagits. Good luck to you. Where else would we look to for a detailed unboxing of the latest tech toy.

  8. My dream is someday to be able to buy a Drone Mavic Pro Platinum, but unfortunately I'll be dreaming who knows one day I get a 😭 … I can not buy it since here in Brazil it's very expensive, coming to cost 10 thousand reais today .. I'll believe that someday someone & nbsp; who has conditions to spare may perhaps help me to conquer my dream … I am very happy to know that you have conquered your
    Mavic Pro Platinum Congratulations that God always elumine you to always conquer your most relevant desires … I will keep the videos of Mavic Pro Platinum on YouTube and imagining that one day I might be piloting my Mavic Pro Platinum … 😔👍!

  9. i have been waiting to get a drone for almost 3 years now and tomorrow is the day im getting a mavic pro platinum fly more combo after a 2 hour drive!

  10. just an fyi the charger hold 4 batteries, but they still only charge one at a time. So the only advantage is you can walk away. There are after market charges that will charge them at the same time making it much faster.

  11. Very nice. I wish they had a detachable camera, and height measuring sensor. The day they do that I'll buy one. Even though I am not a drone person. Thank you

  12. GREAT VIDEO Review! I bought mavic pro platinum, and i am very exited flying with it. :))  on same day i made my first video, and its not so difficult to fly but also man need some skills :))) ALL recomendation !!!  Without FLY MORE COMBO pack its not worth it , its must to have. Have u tested filters from neewer ? Greeting from Cologne

  13. Get the Mavic Pro Alpine White Combo for $50 off from DJI now!!!

  14. Just got mine in… Now why would they say with the fly more combo that we would essentially have 3 full sets of props when we only get 2 1/2 ? Your spares are in the holder that holds 2 extra complete sets and you then get 2 on the rear of the craft already put on…well ? What about the front ones to finish off the set ? For the price I am a little miffed by this.

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