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My DJI Mavic Pro Platinum finally arrived. I unboxed it and took it for its first flight. I can’t wait to get better with this guy.

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11 Replies to “DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Unboxing, First Flight & Impressions! [4K]”

  1. I just received my platinum about two weeks ago. Everything ready to go. But the weathers been really cold outside. Do you still have yours and still enjoy it ? Can't wait to fly mines. 👍

  2. Thanks I got this Friday can't wait to use it! Wished to use it this weekend but it's raining in the UK and I want a clear shot. Subbed btw

  3. I bought a mavic pro platinum. Bay is not good people do not watch my video. I used not. I wish I could do like you 🤗

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