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45 Replies to “DJI Mavic Pro Platinum vs. DJI Mavic Pro | Differences and which drone to buy”

  1. I can say if u add the new propellers to the mavic pro and test the mavic pro with mavic pro platinum togethers at the same time the platinum is by far still more quiet.

  2. The new propellers hit the body of the mavic pro, when you spin them they clear the body but in flight they move and strike it causing damage to the props and vibrations.

  3. Quick question…..
    Is a fantastic product, but the Gimbal issues!, does persist on Platinum? For an expensive drone this kind of issue makes any consumer think twice before buying another…. trust goes directly to the trash. So I wonder if DJI DID something about this. Thank you, love your videos.

  4. i got my mavic pro. but if we need to pay 200 plus to get noise and 3 min extra bat. NO THX. XD haha what u say. but the cheap mavic buy the low nosie propellers. DONE. save u 100 bucks

  5. Was considering getting the Mavic Platinum Pro which is why I watched your video. I have heard the the Mavic Pro 2 will be coming out soon. Do you think it would be better to wait for the new Mavic to come out? Thanks

  6. Will the low noise propellers on the old mavic pro be as quiet as the them in the pro Platinum or are the motors on the pro Platinum quieter than the those on the original pro too? Thank you

  7. I am really surprised at the fact that you did not pick up on the fact that the new ESC's make the RPM's less thus along with the new blades, the added flight time. God Bless

  8. I bought the platinum and ordered the older mavic pro props to replace the newer props.

    I’m old school like that.

  9. Are you going to do a video test of the both cameras?
    DJI noted in one of their forums that the hardware is different (same specs but different process) and the 1080p issue fixed.
    The 60fps was horrible with horrible aliasing and the platinum should be better.
    Prost und Lechaim!

  10. I really prefer my racer drone, 9 minutes flight time, no delay image transmission, and the most important, the very high speed (100mph) 😉

  11. Tom, I curently use a phantom 3 advanced for my home inspection company. /would you recommend upgrading to a Mavic pro?

  12. hi can you offer any help . I have iphone 5 s and mavic pro was working all good untill i updated djigo4 , now i get "mobile device cpu overload " warning and crashes of app , jitterly delayed video transmission. Help please…?

  13. Got my Platinum today and took it to the park. Very quiet. Can barely hear it past 30 feet away, and it’s extremely silent from above. Sounds like a bunch of bees rather than pissed off hornets.

  14. Great useful information. I'm an old pilot but New at drones. I have a new inspire 2 . I have gotten a lot of good information here.
    Ron Orr

  15. And good luck with dji customer service because they don't have any that's why they're in China the customer service sucks read it for yourself

  16. You don't get 3 minutes extra flight time maybe if you're inside every manufacturer puts a bogus flight time you never get it two to three minutes less then what they say when are people going to wake up and stop believing these companies these have to be kids asking about these flight times you would think an adult would know better I hope . next year they will have the Platinum Plus and everybody will buy it because it has a stripe on it idiots


  17. Think about it people as you're flying at 400 to 500 feet in the air or higher you could hardly hear it anyways why would you want to spend the extra money because of the color wake up people DJI says thank you American suckers

  18. Somehow my Tablet that i use to fly my mavic with dosent function well after the last update from DJI
    Is there anyway to go back to the old update

  19. You are talking about increased flight time of 3 minutes. Did you tested? We all can read specs on DJI website. In real life you won't get even two minutes plus. Video just waist of time.

  20. So… essentially if you have a normal Mavic you should just buy the low-noise props and if you break it buy a platinum instead to replace it for better ESCs.

    Thanks for the vid!

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