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  1. Abadfon with aghs, undying, wraith king with aghs, vengeful spirit with aghs, dazzle with aghs. GG immortal team.

  2. Just use Doom. Get Scepter and disable his ss. plain and simple and if you say linkens, there is always a purge creep 🙂

  3. Changes to Abaddon have been made since this video was released. This list will contain those changes (not including number changes, since they are very frequent)

    Death Coil: Name has been changed to Mist Coil. It still does the same thing (excluding some small number changes) however.

    Curse of Avernus completely reworked. Now slows passively slows an enemy every attack by 10/15/20/25%. If a slowed enemy is attacked 4 times the slow increases to 30/40/50/60%, silences the enemy, and all allies attacking that enemy gain 40/60/80/100 attack speed. All of these effects last 4 seconds.

    Aghanim's Scepter: While it still increases duration of borrowed time, it also redirects 50% of damage dealt to nearby allies to Abaddon. This essentially makes allies take 50% damage, and Abaddon heal for that 50% while borrowed time is active.

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  4. This hero is broken as fuck. So many games i shouldve won were lost to this one single hero being unkillable. First you have his Q which is basically (when leveled up) a 250 pure damage dagon. Ok cool. Then you get his anoyying motherfucking shields. FUCK these shields. He can spam them as often as he wants (6 seconds, 6 FUCKING SECONDS AT LVL 4) and they not only absorb damage but DO damage. Because a regular shield isnt enough. So he spams these things over and over until you have low health from the recoil damage. Then he has a passive slow. Because this hero needs a disable of some kind in addition to his other moves, which is fair. So now you cant get away from the shielded bitch. Then he pops his fucking ult which is the most broken move in DotA 2 to date. Now sure, just dont hit him. But he can hit you all he wants. And if you and others are already attacking him and he pops it odds are he will get at least 50% hp back from those last hits he takes while you register that he popped it. Not to mention all the aoe moves in the game will still heal him like dooms fire. Now why is it REALLY op? Because it cannot be stopped. You cant purge it with a silver edge. AAs ult doesnt stop it. And DOOM doesnt stop it. Not only does doom not cancel it, but when hes already doomed HE CAN STILL CAST IT. HOW IS THAT FAIR??? HES SILENCED. So basically no hero in the game counters him except silencer who counters everyone. Great. Thats totally balanced. And after he pops his ult he then goes back to shield spamming and Q spamming and your entire team is dead or getting killed by the other 4 heroes on their team. It isnt so much this one hero thats op, its this hero AND THE 4 HEROES HES WITH. As if it wasnt hard enough for 3 or even 4 and 5 heroes to kill JUST ABADDON hes on a team with 4 more heroes to deal with. So you either focus abaddon and manage to kill just him or you ignore him and kill the others just to eventually die by abaddon. There is nothing fair about this hero and his status as highedt win rate hero shows this. His ult needs to be heavily rebalanced to make it vulnerable to hero silences and purge items. And his shield cooldown needs to be doubled at least. FUCK ABADDON.

  5. I played abaddon as a late game carry in a random pub game, it was my best game yet. If anyone wants to view it the id is 1411432213 (the comeback was real)

  6. "borrowed time" actually absorbs 35% damage from nearby allied hero if you have aghanim's scepter. its not just increase the duration of borrowed time.

  7. i think its cool how many things are related to world of warcraft since dota 2 is based off of a warcraft mod. i know its obvious i just think its cool haha. like death bolt = death coil heh anybody? 

  8. Hiyaaaa! Have you heard about – Smuggs Amazing Battle Guide (do a google search)? Ive heard some unbelivable things about it and my friend got great dota2 wins with it. 

  9. fun fact, nothing in the game can stop the automatic activation of the ult, but you can stop the manual activation with a silence

  10. This guy stands as one of Dota's best heroes, along with Alchemist and Invoker. Ridiculous utility, and can fulfil almost any role. 

  11. I hate people who shoot Abaddon when borrowed time is active.
    It's one of those things that makes you type "gg end this quick" when you see it.

    P.S. It's called Mist Coil now, not Death Coil.

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