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This custom item is a bit expensive to forge:

Kinetic: Fireborn Assault:-
Two Handed Weapon Effect / Loadout animation / Autoattack animations / Running animation / Blade Dance​ animation / Additional Taunt.

Kinetic: Bladekeeper’s Bladefury:-
Blade Fury​ effect become dark red blood colour.

Kinetic: Bladekeeper’s Blade Dance:-
Critical Hit Effect become dark red blood colour.

Kinetic: Bladekeeper’s Omnislash:-
Replace the Orange default colour to red colour Omnislash.

My Juggernaut Item:
Weapon: Sword Of The Bladeform Aesthete “Mythical”
Custom Effect Critical Uppercut slash.

Weapon: Genuine Serrakura “Immortal”

Head: Gifts of the Vanished Isle Head “Rare”

Arm: Sturdy Bracers of the Exiled Ronin “Common”

Back: Arsenal of the Bladekeeper “Uncommon”

Legs: Armour of the Exiled Ronin “Common”

Healing Ward: Fortune’s Tout “Immortal”


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20 Replies to “Dota 2 Juggernaut Arcana WIth All Custom Set Kinetic Gem Effect”

  1. Hello there good sir, I recently put my Fireborn assault Kinetic on my Relic Blade of the Kuur-Ishimari (Green sword), and the built-in taunt doesn't work.

    Is the taunt not working anymore?
    Do I have to equip a taunt for it to work?
    Do I have to re-place the gems in another order cause I put it in the 2nd slot, after the Kills gem.

    Thanks for your response.

  2. nc video bro btw i want to ask something about what will happen if i add the Kinetic gem: Bladekeeper's Bladefury in the immortal serrakura. it will remove the effect of serrakura in ss?

  3. so basically you buy a blade keeper set then extract them and put it into another item..correct me if im wrong please i want blade keeper effect with other item.

  4. Bladekeeper Blade Dance is Doesn't work if Stack with Fireborn Assault Right ?
    and Arcana omnislash Effect > Bladekeeper omnislash knetic Right ?

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