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In this video you can see how to socket kinetic gem in Rubick the grand Magus
U can socket all that change spell
But the passive and the kinetic who change barely nothing won’t work
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25 Replies to “Dota 2 Rubick kinetic gem WORK”

  1. dont forget like and sub
    at 250 subs there a jugg arcana giveaway
    I will upload a video for the giveaway just for the comment giveaway

  2. Cool man btw can u add booties of travel kenitic the one in tinker boots will that work not sure woth the name of the kenitic gem

  3. thanks sir. I was looking for what kinetic can work on Rubick since other heroes inscribed gem also work on him. I hope we find other kinetic with cool effect that work on Rubick too, soon 🙂

  4. So, the spells work with skins that you already have or what?
    Like the juggernaut's blade fury that you steal is different from the rubick's blade fury that the juggernaut make

  5. Oh my god, i have played around 800 games on Rubick but i didnt know that sh1t works ! THANKS A LOT 😀

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