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In this video Dota Destroyer Beyond GODLIKE

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About hero

Harbinger, the Outworld Devourer, is a ranged intelligence hero who qualifies as a carry, though unlike traditional carries, he excels against high-armor targets whilst being crippled by spell immunity. With Arcane Orb, his damage output is reliant on his intelligence attribute and the size of his mana pool, so he must focus more or less exclusively on items which augment them. Though he lacks somewhat in range and has no innate mobility skills, Arcane Orb deals Pure damage and steals intelligence, meaning that if he gains an advantage in a match he deals constant, colossal damage which cannot be decreased or resisted except with total spell immunity and gets stronger with each hit. He enjoys more-or-less unlimited mana because of his Equilibrium, which can be activated to replenish his mana from the damage dealt by his spells. With Astral Imprisonment, Harbinger can render himself or an ally invulnerable for a short period of time, or disable the target enemy. His ultimate, Sanity’s Eclipse, can instantly deal colossal area-of-effect damage against his enemies based on how much greater his intelligence is than theirs.

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  1. MASİF guzel oynamışsın kanki ama yapacak bisi yok. bide bu adam RGC de oynasa bu kadar oyun kazanamaz diğer mapları bile oynamıyo

  2. Yeah, destroyer is one of my favorite too…
    About the Jakiro, well it is really powerful hero… I've had much success destroying enemy towers in early game, than with any other hero… I only hate his slow caster animations. It takes like 4 seconds to cast all spells.

  3. Damn dude this brings back so many good memories from the old days of DotA one. It's been years since I've played and I just stumbled upon your video and it made me feel really nostalgic. Glad to see you are still playing but at the same time it's kinda sad thinking how much time has passed.

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