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Credit subs: PeachiSoda
V- class president
Suga- Music teacher
Jhope- Korean Language teacher
Jin- Nurse School
RM- English teacher
JK- Art Club President
JM- PE teacher

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29 Replies to “[ENG] Flower Boys Bangtan High School mini drama cut”

  1. I can feel when Jin touching my hand ,and of curse who don't want that Jin to be on your school in special like a nurse ,omg this is my dream,and when I see a jimin like my teacher sports ,I died😅😅😅😅😲😲😲😲literally

  2. If I went to that school I would hate holidays more than week days at my normal school my mum would probably call a doctor because I’d want to go to school on Christmas and summer holidays and it’s not normal

  3. Of course RM is the englishteacher , the otgers would fail pretty much all of it ( im not hating , im actually a huge fan)

  4. It would have been funny if Namjoon started to stare at you then Expensive Girls was playing in the background🤣

  5. only Army can relate..
    The reality versus expectation of Jhope reading/reciting poem
    in this mini drama cut is the Expectation
    while the Reality is when he is reading the poem to the Min Suga (girl version of Min Yoongi)
    hahahaha dunno why but that epic scene keep rewind in my head HAHAHAHAHA

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