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A lost feature in DOTA 2. One of the most expensive item category in its era.

Ethereal gems can only be placed in an Ethereal socket; Unusual couriers, found from Treasures, are the only items that have an Ethereal socket.

If you know this you’re too old.


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27 Replies to “Ethereal Gem Effects on Couriers | DOTA 2 Showcase”

  1. Affliction of vermin 0:00
    Bleak Hallucination 0:11
    Burning Animus 0:19
    Butterfly Romp 0:27
    Champions Aura 2012 0:36
    Champions Aura 2013 0:43
    Champions Aura 2014 0:51
    Cursed Essence 0:59
    Diretide Blight 1:07
    Diretide Corruption 1:15
    Divine Essence 1:28
    Emerald Ectoplasm 1:34
    Ethereal Flam 1:43
    Felicitys Blessing 1:50
    Frostvirus Frost 2:05
    Ionic Vapor 2:15
    Luminous Gaze 2:26
    New Bloom Celebration 2:34
    Orbital Decay 2:45
    Piercing Beams 2:54
    Rubileen Sheen 3:01
    Searing Essence 3:09
    Spirit of Earth 3:17
    Spirit of Ember 3:26
    Sunfire 3:33
    Touch of Flame 3:43
    Touch of Frost 3:54
    Touch of Midas 4:05
    Trail of Burning Doom 4:13
    Trail of Amanita 4:24
    Crystal Rift 4:35
    Trail of Lotus Bloom 4:45
    Triumph of Champions 4:58

  2. so, can i instal this gem to heroes? like on arcana / normal weapon , or another part of heroes, do this give the aura?

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