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SKT T1 Faker is finally here on EUW and the first game we spectate him he’s playing one of his biggest signature picks; Ryze! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Ryze Mid Gameplay.

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32 Replies to “FAKER IS ON EUW! USING HIS SIGNATURE RYZE MID! | League of Legends”

  1. Well if you get auto fill in diamond 1 average and pick irelia it's actually your fault. When that happens you should play easy champs instead of throwing like that

  2. Pros plays in D1 theuir first games cuz Riots gives them accounts with that mmr for worlds or other international tournaments

  3. You can split push with AP TF, you can build a Nashor Tooth (o como se llame en ingles :v) after liches, plus your e pasive your get a lot dps to towers

  4. i have a feeling faker literally gives ZERO fucks. have you seen how much hes griefed people because fuck it? LMAO i love it though

  5. i have played since season 3 and from what i could tell being in low elo (silver – plat) for most of that time i can tell that the average skill level is way higher now that before. Its not faker getting worse but rather just the fact everyone else became as good or close to being as good as him , which is pretty good to see competition instead of just a Faker hard stops every match up type of games

  6. i honestly dont think they take these games too seriously..yeah they still play to win but they dont (for lack of a better word) "tryhard" so mistakes are going to happen..even on stream these pros be having fun

  7. Ryze e q is so satisfying to watch to farm/poke. Also never realized ryze's rune on his body glow. Always too busy watching everything else, also based on his streams with some translations, faker in solo queue is more lax and likes to screw around

  8. 16:07 pretty sure that was one of Faker's famed jukes, flashes into bush and the Irelia flashes over the wall… either Irelia was actually flashing to escape, or she was flashing to chase Faker.

  9. Would bave been lovely for us to be able to see the damage done by each player :/
    Maybe next time pop this up so you can comentate over the damage like you do in actual videos???

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