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A look at the Mega Construx Halo Vector Tactical Power Pack, Spartan Grenadier Armor Pack, Rocket Boost Power Pack, ODST Squad Ambush, and Spartan-IV Team Battle sets back to back!

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49 Replies to “FIVE Mega Construx Halo sets reviewed! Spartans, ODSTs, Brutes, & Elites”

  1. To me the best req station set is the Active Camo one. The color is cool and the Helioskrill armor makes it better to me. Now on topic of the video. I think the best set in this is the ODSTs vs Brutes pack just because I love ODSTs and it's just a nice small set

  2. Most viewers here will think that the pink Spartan is a girl…its not, otherwise the hips would be thinner…

  3. Jang, I think the energy bayonet is supposed to be a knight blade, and one of the gunshot barrel adaptors is Kinetic bolts. 😕

  4. There is no pink power up. There are 4 different power ups in halo 5:

    Speed boost: Light Blue
    Overshield: Green
    Damage Boost: Red
    Active Camo: Clear

  5. Do you go threw the company when getting these sets or threw a store because every Store near me that usually have them don’t stock them

  6. Is there a such thing as matte legos? It would look good on reach figures as not much UNSC things reflect anything in halo reach.

  7. His voice reminds me of bob ross

    Edit the old mega blocks like the older ODST smg with a good silencer and the ODST pistol is my fav pistol

  8. I wish that they still did Call of Duty. I am also having an impossible time finding any MegaConstrux sets. Where do you source yours? Or is that a secret?

  9. I got a silver brute chieften and it looks amazing but that with those two brutes standing guard behind it would look amazing!! And oh those odsts 👍👍🙏🙏 I want that pack so much

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