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Playing Halo online can be a scary place filled with racism, vulgarities, and little kids. Also, you DO NOT suck if you play Pokemon.

Terry, Chloe, Derrick, and Igor are wage slaves for Game Shop, an average game store owned by the egomaniacal Sebastian. Sometimes funny things happen when you stand around video games you’re not supposed to play for 8 hours a day. New episodes every Wednesday!

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Derrick — Colton Dunn @captdope
Igor — Barak Hardley @barakhardley
Chloe — Brea Grant @breagrant
Terry — Jordan Morris @Jordan_Morris
Sebastian — Andrew Secunda @secunda
The Kid — Ryan Lee
The Kid’s Hot Mom — Darla Delgado
Customer — Horatio Sanz

Director: Andrew Secunda
Writers: Andrew Secunda, Barak Hardley, Jordan Morris, Colton Dunn
Producer: Corey Moss, Tiffany Moore
Executive producers: Grant Thompson, Bernard Ho, Fran Mirabella III, Nick Scarpino, Andrew Secunda, Peter Principato, Paul Young
Assistant Director and Set Production Manager : Amy Laslett
Editor: C. Drew Unser
Assistant Editor: Monet Malek
Composer: Tony Bohnenkamp
Director of Photography: Topher Osborn
1st AC: Lowell Meyer
2nd AC: Justin Liang
Camera Operator: Judy Phu
Script Supervisor: Bruce Resnik
DIT: Shauna Brown
Gaffer: Kyle Warmack, Chris Bauer
Best Boy Electric: Chuck Lewis, Flavio Buenrostro
Key Grip: Matt Verschelde
Production Designer: Stephanie Gordon
Set Dresser: Danny McAlpine
Props: Adam Drosin
Wardrobe: Heather Karasek
Makeup : Keliegh Lippert-Palladino
Sound Mixer : Ben Templin
Boom: Sabi Tulok
Production Coordinator: Laura Dziamba
Production Manager : Michael Rainey
Production Assistants: Karla Lopez –Mora, Justin Kashtan, Steve Ellis, Tyler Ball

Special Thanks to: Game Fix, Brent Sherman, Jorge Almeida, L&L Hawaiian BBQ


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36 Replies to “Game Shop – Annoying Halo Kid (Fight That Defenseless Child!) – Game Shop: Ep.2”

  1. 2:10 "They say each person accidentally eats 57 spiders a year in their sleep. So who's to say what's food?" *Entered into my quotes document

  2. L3_xPer14…,🔣🔣🐢🎦💍💓💭💭🔱👑🔱💭💭🚤✈↘↘🔄🈯🎦🆖ℹ🍊🍫🍫🍞🍫#…"🍫🆗🆒_🛃🉑ⓜ(💠,…,💠)🆚®💹💲💱♒♌♋〽🔗🔘🔴…,✔(((➗)'

  3. agh this series, it brings me back, this was one of the many web series I watched when I was younger, usually I would watch like three episodes of marvel action hour and go back to this, damn it was a lot simpler that it is now.

  4. Somebody speaks german?? xD That's what I call made in germany also the manual ^^ Great that I understand what Josef is talking about xD

  5. I'm SO not into Internet Gaming; never was, never will be. However, I stumbled onto this series and I'm hooked!

    For an amateur production, this one is on-par with Chad Vader for production values, writing, acting, hilarity, originality, etc.

    And this episode was funny as all shit!!!!

  6. Funny stuff, I like this series.
    So I went back over three years worth of comments and not a single person identified the customer (clownwhore drifter) as Horatio Sanz. (one guy said "Horatio Martin"). What's wrong with you people, seriously? 🙂

  7. this show is awesome im enjoying this show lol if u were a dinosaur i would call you a sucksaur or im going to bagpack your mom lol

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