30 Replies to “GENERAL HOSPITAL 6-18-19 REVIEW”

  1. Robert, I hope they give him a WsB reunion for him, including his family or at least a last hoorah. Give Maxie a better story Lulu was foolish yet, remember she has to play naïve because the victims were? so I understand. I would keep saying it have Joss talk to Robin. she is the only one who actually knows what Joss is going thru. two women at young age who fell in love with a guy who died by disease. Kim is going to take Carly's baby or Drew's sperm. Sad same old storyline. who was that nurse? Margo didn't have to go she had just as much as Sonny to lose

  2. Maxie please get a new hobby. It makes sense of why she wants to help get Dante to come back it’s still annoying. Lulu gave her address and her real name. If she’s not actually dating these guys why didn’t she just make up a name. I hope the writers start writing both Lulu and Maxie better material. Oh that’s kid From Turkey. Another character added to the GH roster. Are we going to finally get Drew to investigate his past??? Is he still leaving?

  3. Sad to hear Robert not in wsb!
    Maybe she will contact Frisco for help.
    Maxie has acted strange lately.
    Lulu is going to get in big trouble.
    Good review . Sonny had dropped the ball. Thanks Jennifer 😄 👍

  4. I think Lulu went under the electric shock treatment that Carly was headed for in prison. She don't have a lick of sense! What woman would give her correct address to a stranger? She needs to go back on vacation and come back with some common sense.

  5. If Carly doesn't tell Sonny about her appointments, he can't go. She needs to keep him informed about her appointments and tell him she wants him there. I blame Carly on this, not Sonny. Great review.

  6. I think she’s afraid Dante’s going to become like her dad and just drop out of the lives of Lulu and Rocco the way Frisco did with Maxie and Felicia

  7. I can't believe Drew might be leaving. I can't blame Billy Miller, though. He hasn't had much to work with since Steve Burton came back. This show is really starting to piss me off. Anyone else like Drew? I really like Drew. I actually prefer him over Jason to be honest.

  8. I enjoyed this episode of GH maxie is really getting on my nerves she is such as busy body she was listening in on scorpio's conversation now she thinks she knows where dante is she really will be opening a huge can of worms and probably will get herself in serious trouble

  9. I'm just here trying to figure out if Maxie knows that Dante had thoughts or dreams about killing his wife , because she is so determined to get this unwell man back in Port Charles. Please leave it alone, Dante needs to get the help so he wont be an endangerment to himself and his family. Back to the flashdrive, finally. I need to know Drews connection with Shiloh and why Shiloh is so interested in Drew's memories. Anyone notice that nurse listening in DA Dawson and Drew's conversation? Lulu was stupid ro give her real address, what if she was home with her kids and this person was dangerous.

  10. I wonder could Robert be lying about "retirement" I feel like he's up to something. Thxs for the review….oh, I caught a little bit of your review about Grand Hotel. I love Wendy Raquel Robinson, didn't know she was part of the cast. I wouldn't mind seeing ex Morgan …..🤦🏽‍♀️I done forgot his real name. Anyways, didn't know he was going to be on this show either. Rozlyn Sanchez, I loved her on Devious Maids.

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