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  1. I was saying the same thing when I watched the show, I bet they will end up having Joss with him.

    Jax has every right to be there, he is Josslyn's father.

    I loved the scene with Carly, Michael, and Sonny. She thought she was getting a burger and got an avocado sandwich…lol Then everybody was getting blts…lol

    Also loved when Lulu said they got to be nice, I'm family I don't have to be…lol

  2. Today’s episode was just okay. Sonny will have a new buddy now. Kevin back in practice. He might have completion with Neil.😂
    I was confused when Willow said she killed her father. I think she might be referring to that maybe she feels guilty.
    BTW that avocado chicken sandwich from Wendy’s is good!

  3. Willow and Micheals friendship is no different than Jarlys..she belongs with Chase, they may test their relationship at some point but they will get thru

  4. Joss is stupid for going in that house. She needs to be thanking God it was that kid from Turkey. I don't blame lulu for getting on her but she's just as stupid for trying to set up the burglar. Last time she interfered in police business Nathan ended up getting killed. Actually the last time was her trying to find out who the serial killer was and she almost got killed. She just never learns and nobody brings that to her attention. She needs an intervention because like you said Brock she has children she needs to be around for. I wonder what that kid is doing in Port Charles anyway, and how did he get money to come and then get into the country. How did he know to go to dante's house? Something is up. I like willow with chase. He sure has fallen hard for her. She has chemistry with Michael too but he seems to like Sasha now. I was wondering how willow can afford Diane. Diane must have given her a discount or something because I know she has to be expensive. I feel bad for her that she's stressing herself out and her baby didn't even make it. I think Nora will be the attorney they're talking about. I doubt she would have anything to do with a cult. They need to wrap this story up. I was shocked about willow saying she killed her father too. I wonder if Shiloh and harmony led her to believe that. There is a case upstate NY that's in the news similar to this storyline. This cult leader was forcing women to have sex with him and branding them with his initials. I saw it on the news today but it happened a while ago. I think the trial just ended im not sure, I caught the end of it. Anyway thanks for the great review Brock Have a good night.

  5. The main reason I don't mind the new kid in town is because I want him and Joss to get together which will leave Cameron with Trina. I want to see more of this young couple C&T.

  6. Today's episode of GH was good I enjoyed it a lot of things will start to unravel about willow and the baby stay tuned folks to see what happens 😊

  7. Nora is not a dumb dumb. I think what Willow meant was that she didn’t literally kill her father but because of her maybe the situation he did something for her to help her and the result was his death or she asked him to do something to help her escape and he was covering it up and that caused his death.

  8. I'll bet that Willow ratted her father out to DOD. He wanted her to leave with him but she refused and told Shiloh what was happening.

  9. Based on Kevin's merits as a therapist and his having been cleared of legal complicity in and responsibility for Ryan's crime spree, reinstatement by the hospital board seemed likely, no real suspense there. I am curious as to whichh side two particular board members,, Michael and Jax, came down on. Did they engage in the debate, or merely cast their votes? Has Carly even come across Kevin since he reclaimed his life? She didn't have the kind of traumatic encounter with Ryan that Lulu had, and never followed up on getting back into therapy, except for thatt session with Sonny about handling grief, so seeing him around shouldn't bother her. Seeking therapy from him, for herself or family members, is quite another matter, as it will be for a number of his other patients, particularly those who had the misfortune "to be treated" by Ryan. Kevin has a lot of fence-mending and bridge-building to do, both personally and professionally. Are the hospital and Kevin facing any lawsuits stemming from Ryan's "reign of terror?"
    Jason and co. were already aware of the suspicious death in Beecher's Corners, so hopefully Margaux was actually constructive, with inside info on the case, not just telling him what he already knows. Carly had legitimate concerns about him going back to Beecher's Corners, and not just because of his rap sheet there. He knows that D.o.D. has undoubtedly made inroads with that town's various authorities, and personally observed a local cop running interference for Harmony, so he can hardly expect to be able to snoop around undetected. He might have luck visiting the member who took the fall for Shiloh, the ugly reality of doing time might have them reconsidering, even regretting that decision.

  10. The way Joss was looking at Dev, she is attracted to him. They got something in common which is stealing. Remember Joss was a professional shoplifter😃

  11. So Dev fly all the way from Turkey to steal in America🤔
    It's also a funny coincidence he is robbing Dante's house, the man he helped rescue…lol

  12. I dont think Willow really killed him, I think she just feels guilty about it, by siding with Harmony and Shiloh against her father! Nora wouldnt be a lawyer for a cult having dealt with Mitch Lawerance and all that

  13. I think Dev was brought in for the Dante s/l I don't think he will be a regular on the show. What I'm curious about is how they are going to work out this baby s/l! so much is going into it! but what is Shilo and Willow going to do when they find out their baby has died and that Wiley is actually Michael and Nells son! And I'm not sure you caught this in yesterdays episode but that Young nurse standing there listening to Drew and Margo talk about the hard drive with Drews memories! Was that just a fluke? or is she a DOD groupie getting more information for shilo??

  14. Great Review. This storyline with Willow , Harmony, and Shiloh keeps getting stranger by the minute. Willow is going through all this and her baby is dead. I wished they would explore the relationship between Drew and Shiloh"s past. I am beginning to wonder if there is a connection between Nina and Willow

  15. Great review, thx u👍🏽 I feel sorry for Chase, he really is all the way in with Willow…Willow isn't all in with him 🤔..did she ever go get that "ice cream" with Michael 🙄😚

  16. Great review man. I agree, Joss should know better then to enter a home where the door is already open and the lights are off…etc. Keep up the great work BrockTV

  17. Wow, Willow saying that she was the one who killed her father, I did not see that one coming. Need to hear more about that. That's probably what her pledge was about when she joined the trust, but I'm sure there's a lot more to exactly how her father died. No doubt that Shiloh is up to his ears in Willow's father's death and it's very likely that they (Shiloh & Harmony) somehow made Willow believe that she was the one who was responsible for her father's death.

  18. I think Willow feels guilty, but didn't kill him directly but indirectly because of her association with DOD leading to his death somehow?

  19. I agree. Nora is too smart to be one of Shiloh's minions. The chances of Nora Buchanan being any part of DoD are as likely as Cesar Faison being a Jehovah's Witness.

  20. What I don’t like about Dev, is that he’s another character attached to Sonny. Plus, I was looking forward to Joss/Cam. Now he might get pushed a side and just be in the friend zone again. I hope he’s only temporary.

  21. I’m watching the episode today and I didn’t like the fact that nobody called up Jax And tell them about what happened to Jocelyn. And why didn’t Jocelyn call up her Real dad. He should be the one taking care of her care of her. Not Sunny because he’s bad news something always goes wrong when people hang around with him. I’m glad that dumb DA is leaving the show she didn’t actually do anything worthwhile the whole time she was there. Her job is to prosecute criminals in the City of Port Charles. Even people like Sunny And Jason so I’m glad she’s gone maybe they can get a new DA that might actually do something worthwhile although I wouldn’t hold my breath. I really think Ryan’s gonna come back and he’s going to go after all the people who styled his kidney. It seems like everybody in Port Charles likes to break the law when is convenient for them. And then they look down on other people who break the wall and there are no better than those people. I guess they’re going to bring in a new character because they keep ignoring a lot of other people on The show. Whatever happened to Molly and TJ? They come back for maybe one or two days that you don’t see him for a couple months at a time. It was a pretty good show today

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