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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Mission Guide / Walkthrough Video in High Definition

Mission No. 023

Mission Name:
– Cop Land
– CopLand (Français)
– Cop-Land (Deutsch)
– Cop Land (Italiano)
– Tierra de polis (Español)

Mission Boss: Tommy Vercetti / Protection Racket (Vercetti Estate) ===================================

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42 Replies to “GTA Vice City – Walkthrough – Mission #23 – Cop Land (HD)”

  1. TIP: When the cops are chasing you at the end go to a Pay and Spray remember cops don’t remember you also, DONT use a cop car.

  2. When you get near the entrance at 3:05 take the car parked near the mall (taxi spot) drive to the entrance and u get no stars even though it’s not a police car, then when u plant the bomb get out the mall and get in the car (in this example it would be the taxi) then go straight out to the nearest pay n spray and drive to the mansion with no stars, did it on my first try

  3. This mission frustrates me I had to restart multiple times and Lance always gets stuck in walls and won’t get out of the car the police is annoying as fuck in this mission please I need help

  4. 2:30
    What the hell is going on?
    Tommy and Lance lured a cop car into a garage and closes.
    They said weird stuff.
    And the cop who was left out disappeared.

  5. Figured out how to pass this annoying ass mission, my strategy was to not use the cop car to drive back to the mall I used the Infernus parked next to the mansion this whole mission. Right after you blow up the coffee shop drive straight then hit a left a pay n spray should be close so just go in there and your wanted level is down and you're good to go.

  6. This hard as hell I try to get the cops to follow me but all of them did and Lance die because of a explosion

  7. I almost got past this a few days ago and then Lance got stuck in a glitch in a bridge right by starfish island and couldn't move anywhere. Im still waiting for my blood pressure to chill out before i have another go at it, tho i may try the helicopter trick.

  8. This mission is so ass on mobile
    Made it to the mansion and started shooting at the fbi and dumbass lance got in front of me and I shot him to death on accident.
    Fucking lance a i is terrible

  9. this mission is so STUPID EASY!!! the absolute easiest way to ace this mission is once you get your cop outfit from the garage, as you walk out of the garage make a left turn, take a super short walk until you see an area with wooden fences, there's also a glowing bribe star (that almost seems to scream "walk this way!!! damn it!!"), let it guide you, then make a left into the opening of the fenced area on your left hand side, walk a little further in & at the corner there will be a hidden helicopter/Sparrow. get in the helicopter with lance then make your way to the northpoint mall with it. land the helicopter right in front of the patch of grass at the mall and you can escape with the copter once the bomb is planted instead of killing yourself a bajillion times over trying to dodge the cops/FEDs in a skidding vehicle. don't work harder, work smarter – take a flight and escape by air! =)

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