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Halo ODST Replica Cosplay Helmet For Sale:

Halo 3 ODST Armor FOAM Pepakura File Templates:

(Combo Package includes Pepakura For Cosplay Video Tutorials + ODST Foam Pepakura File Templates)

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40 Replies to “Halo ODST Desert Cosplay Foam Armor Complete!”

  1. Hi a such great job,I admire your work so much,thank you for sharing ,and did you makeup your mind to sell it yet,I’m still interested to purchase them.

  2. Isn't it funny that the ODSTs are kinda meant for stealth, yet they come in like a recking ball, literally.

  3. For the undersuit i recommend a pair of brown coveralls or a dark desert tan flight suit. You could get them for pretty cheap at home improvement stores or at army surplus stores

  4. I wish to know if I sent measurements how much would it cost to make odst with your choice in color and decal edit:ok well I got my answer thank you for telling me I understand fully.

  5. "hey man whatcha doin under the table"
    demoic scree
    "yeah i can tell you're having a bad day, keep napping dude"
    Oh yeah and that's a really fucking cool cosplay

  6. Have you guys ever taken real modern ballistic armor and stuff to make it look like things from a game or movie. All this foam looks cool but it would be awesome to see actual metal being used instead of foam.

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