35 Replies to “Halo: Reach Multiplayer in a Nutshell”

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  2. One day my and my brothers where playing Halo 3 we invented this mode which was called snipers and lasers rules where simple no other guns but a sniper and a laser(you could use grenades) at some point in game we all where doing trickshots at each other then my brother somehow hit me down as we where falling off the cliff and I lost by 1 point I was pissed and I was laughing because the way I died was stupid it's like my body had went flying good times

    Rules for your own game mode
    1. No other guns except snipers and lasers (also grenades,punch)
    2. No camping because it ruins gameplay
    3. At close range you cannot snipe you have to noscope
    4. no vehicles that also ruins gameplay
    5. Don't play in big maps because then you get lost
    6.have fun


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