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  1. I know exactly how these mistakes in the rules get by. It's because they don't use fresh eyes to review the rules, they are improperly trained or the game is taught to them before or while they are reading the rules. I spent 6 years in computer/video game quality control and also trained people how to review rules. Unfortunately, these board game companies don't have the budgets to spend money on real quality control.

  2. Thx much for posting this video Gimpy. well done/ kind of a bummer tho; I was ready to pull trigger on buying this at the pre-offer $69 price but alas don't like sounds of the issues and level of errata, etc.

  3. Regular deck has 13 cards added to the 10 card red deck and 8 cards added the the 15 card blue deck making a total of 23 cards for both red and blue decks.

  4. Isn't this the THIRD EDITION??? This makes me not want to open mine and maybe the next edition will be correct???

  5. Oh wow that's annoying. I never understand how these games spend so long in development and playtest, yet ship with so many errors. Maybe that's why they still have the price so low? It's $60 still on Compass' site. I thought that, this being Compass, this game would be at least $80 (especially since it has a mounted map) since their games are anywhere between $10-$20 more expensive than other companies. But the price on this is surprisingly low. I'm eagerly waiting for Blue Water Navy later this year and (hopefully) their reprints of the Fleet series games next year. I hope they get their QC in order.

  6. Compass Games have really ramped up their production in the last 6-12 months, are they overreaching and will quality suffer?

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