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SBS-IN adalah saluran tv Hallyu khusus untuk pemirsa Indonesia.
Kini SBS-IN beroperasi 24 jam di Indonesia, semua program dilengkapi dengan subtitle bahasa Indonesia.
Sebarkan berita ini kepada orang di sekelilingmu^^

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27 Replies to “[Hotclip Awards]"RUNNINGMAN" members met Park Bo-young by chance (With Eng Sub)”

  1. The OG fan of Monday Couple. She even gets pissed when she doesn't see MC together 😂.

    Ps. He calls Gary an ajussi 😂

  2. Bo Youngie will always hv a special place in the RM family. She was the original ardent fan of Monday Couple and she rrly looked up to Jihyo like an older sister. She's also good friends with gwangsoo. She's such a ball of sunshine

  3. That ep when only ji hyo n boyoung left in their team,then ji hyo sacrifice herself..ji hyo so soft with female guests especially..she really take care them..she didn't greedy with screen time what the most important for her is guests get enough screen time.. bcoz it's not easy for them to appeared in RM..I really salute n respect with ji hyo,no wonder she love by many ppls..

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