5 Replies to “How and why to perform Stomach Vacuums / TVA strengthening”

  1. I am trying to reach you regarding Clint Ober speaking at the 45th Annual Yoga Research Society Conference and that we are working with Peter Sterios founder of Manduka. my direct email is JimBellacera(@)GroundTherapy(dot)com

  2. Thank you for this video! I always wanted to know what’s up with the stomach vacuums and how to do them correctly. Can you please let us know how long to hold them and how many repetitions do you recommend for beginners? Thank you!
    Also, терличките са яки😊 И аз имам подобни.

  3. hi Ali, i was wondering if you have any thoughts on "stretching" the pelvic floor. i have the opposite problem of most women. my pelvic floor is too tight, or too strong. i usually have issues with ob-gyn exams. the last time i went, i was told i should seek out pelvic floor therapy for loosening up my pelvic floor muscles. it seems that, because of the nature of the pelvic floor, there is no way to "stretch" this muscle, the way one can stretch other muscles. i've never been to pelvic floor therapy, and the idea kind of scares me. i wonder if doing so much yoga has caused my pelvic floor to become so tight, i no longer know how to loosen it up. i wonder if you have ever heard of this problem.

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