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Learn how Faker ALWAYS Crushes the mid lane as Zoe.

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21 Replies to “How Faker ALWAYS CRUSHES The Enemy Mid Laner – League of Legends Season 9”


    Jkjk, in all seriousness, if you enjoyed watching this video then check out our website using the link below. We post TONS of videos EXACTLY like this one EVERY WEEK so don't miss out!

  2. LOL this is so cringe, every mistake he makes this dude tries to make it sound like faker planned it.. sooo cringe

  3. I just had people in my game telling me that Zoe is easy when I was doing badly with her. There is no fucking way this champ is easy. In fact, she's probably one of the hardest in the game considering she relies so heavily on landing skill shots which aren't easy to land and has the random chance of getting different summoner spells or items with her W. She also has pretty bad mobility and positioning her in teamfights can be tricky, especially in solo queue where your team don't group up properly and assassin's/bruisers can just finish you off as you are really squishy.

  4. Faker: Gets a penta kill with mere 1 health bar remain and is able to kill baron and thr only person alive in the team
    Faker: ._.

  5. Lol who tf takes dorans shield on akali? Ik its a recommended items but if you want to master her things like long sword, dark seal, or if you wanna play safe then dorans blade are all better choices.

  6. Ok proguides .it's great to watch all this.but you understand the normal lol is 5 autists vs 5 retards .so implementing all this is bs.even faker when he streams in ranked looses like no tomorrow too :/

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