41 Replies to “How To Download GTA IV Torrent Download”

    + if you have any issues with the settings

  2. when im clicking he saying Burn in disc and its a fckng 7 GB and i don't have 7 GB Disk (Disc) i have only 4,5 GB disk help 🙁

  3. hey i bought a cd of it and at the date check error is stopping it not going further…i have tried to download many cracks from the torrent but it doesnt works…any suggestions

  4. I did everything like the video, but when I get into it I get the writing from the beginning like any gta ,I waited for 5-10 minutes and it still remained. Can you help me?
    PS: sorry for my english

  5. y'all probably "can my old ass pc run this", it can but it will lag as fuck
    so instead of wasting millions of dollars for a pro gamer pc, get a low end pc mod
    it helped me so im happy

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