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See how to find the Forlorn Muskeg forge location in this The Long Dark tutorial game guide, with a full walkthrough from Mystery Lake. Subscribe for more The Long Dark gameplay: | Support us on Patreon:

The Long Dark forge in Desolation Point has been joined by a new forge in Forlorn Muskeg, a region added to The Long Dark in December 2016. This The Long Dark tutorial game guide shows you how to find the Forlorn Muskek forge.

We complete a full walkthrough from the tunnel entrance of Mystery Lake, walking across the ice to find the Forlorn Muskeg forge in this The Long Dark tutorial game guide.


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Official The Long Dark gameplay description:

“The Long Dark is a thoughtful, exploration-survival experience that challenges solo players to think for themselves as they explore an expansive frozen wilderness in the aftermath of a geomagnetic disaster. There are no zombies — only you, the cold, and all the threats Mother Nature can muster.”

The Long Dark game version: v.388

Developed by: Hinterland Studio
Platform played: PC / Steam download
Official site:
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20 Replies to “How to find The Long Dark Forlorn Muskeg forge location | The Long Dark tutorial game guide”

  1. thanks for location but is it in actual version ? I just ask because developers changed lookout tower in actual version (on mystery lake) and sorry for grammar im czech 😀

  2. You don’t have to go on the tracks but that’s a good way can find it just by hugging the wall one you get out of it.thanks anyways

  3. does the coal respawn? i used all of it my first time and don't want to have to spend 2 days of travel to find out for myself.

  4. ALWAYS break down the crates and you will often find lots of food and sometimes other goodies. You can actually see AND open the safe from the outside back of the barn but it is safer to do it inside.

  5. After running around in Forlorn Muskeg for 4 days, falling though the ice, getting eaten by a wolf, ran away from multiple wolfs and get food poisoning, just to see that when the fog cleared I was just back at the derailed red carriage again, I figured, ok, now it's time to check out youtube, and found out the map was twisted both upside down and right from left, making it extremely hard to read, causing me to run over the whole damn map without finding it.

  6. To make it easier wen you enter that zone from mystery lake just stick to the left wall and you should get to it I think

  7. I was going to say – there is a safe and lighter fluid and dog food (for my spawn) under the bed, in the room with the crates.

  8. Is there any houses around there? Doesnt seem like a good place to spend the night?
    I found a hacksaw to the ruined building to the left of the docks. U also left out the hammer that ull need to use the forge to craft things which is in the corner of the work bench.

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