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In this Dota 2 guide, coach Speeed covers some pro Abaddon gameplay from VP’s Resolut1ion! Use these pro tips and tricks to CARRY from the offlane role and rank up fast. Farm some easy rampages, carry hard and enjoy the easy MMR and core Abaddon!

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41 Replies to “How to go OFFLANE GOD: RANK UP FAST as Abaddon – Best Tips and Tricks to Carry | Dota 2 Pro Guide”

  1. If you do that in 2k, you will get 5 man ganked while getting the hard farm, while your team is all afk in jungle. Then, the enemy pushes while your team is afk. If you win a fight, they go back to jungle so curse doesn't do anything. If you lose the fight, the enemy wins because they push while your 4 cores do nothing and you can't kill anyone yourself.

  2. curse and orb venom is far superior to getting coil. I have no idea how this is getting more thumbs up than down unless a bunch of bots subbed to this channel

  3. Abadon is normal hero. Broken is mepo and brood on 10th pick. You can ez kill abadon with SE as LC or Lina… Abadon is great pick if u play as utility (solar+pipe), not as typical core with radiance.

  4. Very useful guide. Nowadays, offlane is the most rare picked roles in sea and japan server. Nice 1 over there buddy..

  5. Hello guys!!
    We created a new channel for Dota 2 Highlights!!
    This week we will start to upload our content from the best players in the game and tournament highlights!!
    We would appreciate every subscribe!!
    Thanks 😀😀

  6. The top 5 offlaners this patch(for pubs, zero coordination at 7kmmr)

    ns, sk, abba, lc, pango
    Ns counters sk, abba counters ns, pango counters ns sk and lc.
    Best laning stage: Sk/Lc/abba
    Best counter initiate: SK pango
    Best initiate: Lc abba ns
    Best utility: abba pango
    NS rush aghs= insta win btw KEKW

    Combos/exceptions: Kotl+BB, Lina+tide, Undying+ burst,

  7. Can someone explain to me why people drop their item down instead of switching from the back pack to the 3 slots under the back pack ?

  8. Being an abaddon player, I can relate to whatever he says. Its exactly the way abaddon should be played 🙂 gg 🙂

  9. Abaddon is good but in high ranks, it gets countered with a naga or a PL. Its really annoying they just attack u with illu and then losing ur mana. Good in captains mode but shit in pub.

  10. He only lacks initiation as an offlaner. How about sand king. I'm making tons of mmr using this hero one of the best initiator and excel in prolonged teamfight around 3k MMR.

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