9 Replies to “I am Setsuna: Aurorean Tiger Boss Fight”

  1. Hated this boss so freaking much!! If this game was on a real time engine, nobody would be able to beat this freak!!

  2. where do i get these skills like astral bloom ? because i reach this part without getting more skills, i event didnt knew about it… hhahaha.. only leveling up and that wasnt bad at all..

  3. I'm having huge issues with this guy even with a lvl 30 team. Setsuna is down in 1 attack set so she can't heal and just so easy to fall behind his dmg out put

  4. Seems like people call this the hardest boss, I beat it after just 3 or 4 attempts at about level 25. I wish I remember how it did it, I didn’t have to look at a strategy guide or do anything too special. Maybe I just got lucky.

  5. lvl 24-25 with Endir, Nidr and Aeterna
    Provoke (Nidr) and Protect (Aeterna)
    When possible use Enchrono with boost (boss is weak agasint time)
    Keep provoke up and healings with Endir and just Attack him until down

  6. i have no idea what you did and i keep getting destroyed by this thing. can i ask what level you were and what magic you used?

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