27 Replies to “I Am Setsuna – Before You Buy”

  1. I'm enjoying playing this game. One thing about Square-Enix, you can always count on a good story and good gameplay. It's not as good as Chrono Trigger but is still very good as an old school turn-based rpg with very good graphics. It's worth the price you pay for it.

  2. Also scored Mario odyssey, Mario kart 8 , Mario super delux U all for 40 a piece last week during the Mario sale I’ve been killing it in 2019 looking for these sales I set aside some tax money and said I’m gonna hunt all the digital sales this year and see what I could save so far it’s been buchu bucks broskies .

  3. Just picked this up on a switch e shop sale for 20 bucks along with lost sphere for 24 so I got both for the price of this one and tax a pretty good deal

  4. I love this game. Honestly I give this game a 10 but that’s just me maybe due to the fact that it reminds me of Pokemon and how I can level up and give items to my character

  5. It was on the eshop for 20.00 bucks and was like heck yeah then by the time I got money it went back to 40 so I'm like Y8 or dragon quest builders. I'm just waiting for it to go back on sale.

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