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Hollie gets hands on with upcoming JRPG I Am Setsuna and gives JRPG newbie Dave a run down on the game’s story and mechanics with a new gameplay video.

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27 Replies to “I Am Setsuna – New PS4 Gameplay”

  1. Oh please NOT AGAIN turn based, it looked such a promising game at the beginning 🙁
    Can this Gameboy and NES era turn-based combat finally be laid to rest for a more interesting, dynamic, cineastic choreographed Diablo 3 and Witcher 3 style live-action combat? No I am not going to play anything turn-based after having finished Witcher 3 twice, never ever will I play anything turn-based no matter how good the game is otherwise…. because turn-based is blasphemy….

  2. She says it's only coming out on ps4 when its coming out on steam, vita, and switch. You haven't played a turn based rpg to compare it to since Chrono Trigger?

  3. This looks fun. I miss the good ole jrpg. Really not a huge fan of the "western" rpg where its a combo of hack and slash and open world. I did hear the game isn't very challenging, which is disappointing. Still would like to play though

  4. I love how seamless the combat starts! I've honestly been waiting years, since I was a kid to play something like this unless I ever missed a game

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