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I Am Setsuna PS4 Gameplay Full Walkthrough 1080P 60FPS English Let’s Play Guide Playthrough.
The classic RPG, puiblished by Square Enix is now available in english, wordlwide, watch me showcase the full game, all bosses, all stages, all bosses, all cutscenes and the ending of the game in FULL HD!

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29 Replies to “I Am Setsuna (PS4) – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Prologue”

  1. I've been thinking on playing a JRPG and comes to two choices final fantasy X/X-2 or I am Setsuna which do you recommend on playing first ?

  2. Setsuna is basically Colette from Tales of SymphoniaHealer girl, checkTwo chakrams, checkMeant to be a sacrifice, checkYeaaah…

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