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  1. Is it just me, or has IGN become increasingly cynical with their reviews? It's like they are reviewing a piece of modern art and not a game intended to invoke fun and enjoyment.

  2. I loved this game. I readily admit that the dialogue was not great, but the theme, tone, music and overall storyline was fantastic. I just loved this game. Call it a guilty pleasure, if you want.

  3. Could you imagine Setsuna being in a Disgaea game as a DLC character? Not sure how she would do in the Disgaea universe, but I would love to see her interact with any of the Disgaea characters. Preferably with Laharl, or Valvatorez.

  4. The game is great. Battle system is a step up from Chrono Trigger. Just wish the enemies didn't die so quickly and weren't so easily defeated. Story is GOOD

  5. I think game reviews are pretty pointless in general. What one thinks are good with a specific game doesn’t necessarely apply to another. This game isn’t the best looking and feels a little dated and the enviroments are pretty boring and not varied, but what I really liked about this game was the story and the music. I think it was good. But it’s just opinions and preferences.

  6. Your 3 minute review mainly praised the game and then you went ahead with a 7.5 as a rating, I've seen IGN give games more criticisms and then end up giving the game a higher score than this. This was a terrible review and provides no actual info to the person watching on whether this game is a worthy purchase or not, and no i am not an angry fanboy who is raging at a review I actually haven't even played this game yet but I definitely can acknowledge that this is a horrible review.

  7. I stopped watching as soon as he said that character personalities made up for gameplay flaws. Apples cannot make up for oranges, and subsidiary or even tertiary elements like purely non-functional characterization and narrative cannot make up for defining primary elements like gameplay.

    How do these people have jobs reviewing video games when they lack even basic understanding of game design principals and how to critically evaluate a video game?

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