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  1. Wow, quite a bit of complaining. This game is still better than 80 percent of NIS Rpg games where you can't even walk or explore an area but rather only choose a name to go to off a list of destinations. The Turn based is an added luxury as today's RPG games are more hack & slash and less like an RPG than hyped up. Us Classic gamers who grew up on Chronotrigger and Final Fantasy highly appreciate these developers.

  2. Esse é o top exclusivo do ps4 que tanto falaram numa época? Um rpg de turno com gráficos de 3ds,ah pela mor do santo deus em,sonysta ama tomar no cu mesmo 😛

  3. I'm so glad to finally have this on a portable system. As of writing, it's on sale(eShop) for $23.99 which sounds worth it to me.

  4. The game's options specifically tells you that time doesn't pass when in the Tech and Select Target menu when Wait mode is on. It gives you time to decide which item or Tech to use. This is how Chrono Trigger (what this game is heavily based off of) works and almost every Final Fantasy game as well.

    Why else would there be an ATB gauge? The beginning tutorial literally explains that it's an ACTIVE TIME BATTLE system. If Wait mode did allow you to wait for everything, it wouldn't be an ATB system -_-

  5. Thank you for doing this video for me. It has helped me to decide to get it when I can. I do agree that it does seem very simplistic for an RPG. And some times that is what I want. Keep up the great work!

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