35 Replies to “I caught this Twitch streamer HACKING AGAIN on my Minecraft server LIVE..”

  1. like and sub if i should stream myself hacking on his server or is that too far?

    (i’ve got so many cool ideas and trolls for other videos ready so put notifs on ty xo)

  2. I haven’t played Minecraft or even watched it since 1.5 but you however

    You I will watch every video

  3. Why do I find this so damn satisfying & funny?

    Because I was killed, griefed, and trolled on server by hacker.

  4. Calling everyone on the server a “loser” and “5 years old” alongside the hacking and multiple bans was definitely justification for your actions. Loved how he said “imagine unironically playing Minecraft” then started crying when his stuff was gonna despawn.

  5. "He's so scared he's hacking" Says the hacker… unironically, the level of raw stupidity and arrogance that shows is kinda staggering. Like come on, hypocrisy is terrible and all but the lieing? That accomplished nothing.

  6. All right, how many 13+ yr olds we got here that think this streamer should be permanently banned for hacks, poor attitude/behavior, aggressive language, and failure to comply to guidelines?

  7. Hacker: Calls somebody trash for hacking and calls him trash, meanwhile hacking as well
    My Brain: Deep breath in and out … Shotgunraid you forgot to throw trash out again

  8. And the guy you were trolling is a noob I play Minecraft the proper way I found 13 diamonds one time and that was it 😂😂😂😂

  9. I literally want you to send this to him. YOU NEED TO GO BACK IN SCHOOL AND STOP WASTING YOUR LIFE BULLYS KIDS YOU SCRUP ps ShotGunRaids this is for the person on this video I am a big fan can you plz send this to him

  10. As someone who actually studies Computer science (emphasized on networking), I almost had a stroke when he spoke random numbers trying to "guess(?)" his IP

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